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The 10 main architectural items worth visiting a "Staro Riga" light festival – Architecture – House


Like other years, this year, the National Library of Latvia's environmental facade and lighting is predicted to be unique.

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Cabinet of Ministers builds in Latvian colors

In the Cabinet Cabinet's lighting project, "Wake Up!" A popular artist in Latvia has taken part, giving us evidence – all Latvian residents – responsibility for himself, his people and his country. It will have a unique interface, rhythmic light and music that will impress any viewer.

"Lighting" on the Esplanade

The electric object invites to observe how the audio turns light. The festival's visitors' sound will be transformed lightly and will glorify Castell y Goleuni to the National Library of Latvia these days. Why go Because "Skaņgaisma" has become part of the "Ezine" Electricity Project 100, which is created as a gift for Latvia for a hundred years.

Throughout the year, everyone has had the opportunity to sing Latvia's favorite songs and give them to Latvia. "Light" is the last chance during the centenary celebrations to record your voice in history and to give it to Latvia. At the end of November, the digital song trees at will be presented to the Latvian National Library, where it will be possible to find holiday and child protection in the future.

"Anime Mirror" on Jahn Rozentāls Square

In the framework of "Staro Riga", the layout of Elijah Patmalniece's artwork with light elements will be visible at Jaan Rozentāls Square.

This year, for the first time in the light star "Staro Riga 2018", there will be a light story on the front of the Bank of Latvia Central Bank at K. Valdemara Street 2A. Latvia Central Bank's story is notified in the exciting 3D projection – the coincidence of the circumstances, the forces and the developments that made it possible for the state of Latvia and, after that, also for its financial system; what we all mean the work of Latvia Bank today and America; What is the connection of the folklore Rainin with gold and the symbol, which is also lovely of the name Milda?

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Zirgu Street comes from one or the other in reality – an expanded reality that becomes visible on smart devices with the SAN application. The road section with light wall ports from Liv Square to Dome Square will turn into a virtual city in the future without any restrictions on the imagination of architects and citizens. There are a few kilometers on the building, the normal gravity rules do not work, and it is possible to enter newly created virtual world that exists parallel a real one.

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Next to Saeima House, the only visual publishing evidence is the focus of the light object "In Latvia & Cradle" – photo Viļa Rīdzenieks "Published the Republic of Latvia on November 18, 1918, in Riga", which has become a symbol o establish our country over time.

Nightspark Central Market

In honor of the 88th Central Market and 100th century visitors, visitors are offered to the "Machine Machine" board, a very large kaleidoscope with a mobile background provided by the LED screen. Before going to the interior, visitors can choose which one of the periods of the history of the Central Market they want to go.

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