Monday , April 12 2021

Swazis: Today, pedophiles do not travel on the street and do not smoke their children because crimes have moved to the Internet – Criminal Messages – News

The number of children injured this year, compared to last year, is about 10 children higher, who, according to Kūza, is alarming.

The head of the VP stressed that "pedophiles are driving the street today and do not take children" because the criminal environment moves to the Internet, which is why it's important for children to be aware of & Their behavior in this environment. "Today, there is a very narrow step between the victim and the accused when exchanging information on the Internet," emphasized Ķuzis.

In recent years, the police have not been busy only, but have also been involved in pan-European actions that hijack children and distributors. Police practice shows that a large proportion of sex offenders are children's members, as members of the family.

The VP has been one of the priorities for the children in recent years, so the police, along with partners – the National Probation Service (SPS) and Ministry of Prison – cooperates and exchanges more active information to tackle sexual offenses more successfully. He emphasized the need for a much wider partnership, including local governments and non-governmental organizations in this process. "It's important to continue with this collaboration to make the society cleaner, brighter and more amazing," stressed Kuzi.

In turn, VPD, Mikhail Papsuevich, found that 147 offenders were under supervision this year, but at present almost 70 offenders are under the supervision of the service. Although there has been an electronic surveillance in Latvia for a few years, and this requires the conviction to wear a special dog, no sex offender currently manages such surveillance. .

The head of the SPD also revealed that the level of rehabilitation in these offenses was about 5%.

In turn, the Head of the Prison Ministry of Ilona Spure, despite the lack of a new prison, stated that a special unit had set up for better work with sex offenders in one of Latvia's prisons, which includes offenders of & # 39 kind. He already reminded those that already stated that 98% of sex offenders do not recognize their guilt and feel that the victim encourages them.

The work with sex offenders in prisons is not easy, since such allegations mainly avoid group activities, because they fear their own safety. For this reason, prison experts are forced to work with them individually, says Spure.

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