Monday , June 27 2022

Stockmann has introduced the mobile payment system "Alipay" – Nozares – Financenet


He said that Alipay currently has more than a billion active users worldwide, with more than one hundred million mobile payments every day. Includes "Alipay" happy to use tourists from China.

Dace Goldmane Stockman Director said – given the location of the city center department store, tourists are a large part of Stockmann's customers, so the shop is working to offer solutions to improve their shopping experience, and make a pay-as-you-go facility. of the best. these types.

"Cooperation with" Alipay "is another step closer to our plans for the future development of digital projects, which are already reflected positively in China's tourists by visitors," said Goldmane.

Inese Šīrava, Director of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) Tourism Department, in turn noted that international tourism flows are increasing each year and passenger requirements are also increasing. "Only a few thousand Chinese tourists visited Latvia a few years ago, reaching 30,000 last year, which means that our service providers must be ready to serve guests," he said.

Shirava noted that Chinese people are familiar with the convenience of digital payment systems on a daily basis. "All service providers operating a Turkish-friendly tourist service promote not only its competitiveness but also in Latvia as an attractive tourist destination.

Alipay's mobile payment system is also available in Stockmann's department stores in Estonia and Finland. In the Baltic States, Stockmann provides mobile payments through Alipay in association with Wirecard.

LETA has already reported that Stockmann's turnover last year fell by 13.9% year on year and was € 41.883 million, but the company's profits rose by 7.6% to € 1,266 million.

The company "Stockmann" was registered in 1998. The company's share capital is EUR 2,775 million. Stockmann is owned by Stockmann, a company incorporated in Finland.

The Stockmann department store in Latvia has been operating since 2003. Stockmann is part of the Finnish Stockmann Group, which has been operating since 1862.

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