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Stockmann announces the introduction of a new payment system


Stockmann & # 8220; Stockmann & # 8221; In Riga.

Stockmann's department store in Riga.

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Since March this year, Stockmann has introduced the world's largest mobile payment system, Alipay, which is popular with Chinese tourists, and found

Alipay currently has more than a billion active users worldwide.

With more than one hundred million mobile payments per day.

Dace Goldmane, director of Stockmann's department store, notes that given the location of the department store, tourists are a major part of the shop's customer portfolio.

That's why Stockmann is working to offer solutions that improve their shopping experience, and providing a pay facility is one of these.

"Collaboration with Alipay is another step closer to our plans for the future development of digital projects, which are already reflected positively in China's tourists by tourists," said Goldmane.

The benefits of digital payment systems as important Chinese tourists are also highlighted by Inese Šīrava, Director of Latvian Tourism and Investment (LIAA).

According to her, international tourism flows are increasing each year, and passenger requirements are also growing.

“Only a few thousand Chinese visitors visited Latvia a few years ago, last year they reached 30,000. This means that our service providers must also be prepared to serve guests. ”

As Shirava noted, Chinese tourists are familiar with the convenience of digital payment systems on a daily basis, making settlements even easier when traveling.

“Every service provider making China-friendly tourist service promotes not only its competitiveness but also Latvia as an attractive tourist destination. Tourists always appreciate tones of such that make traveling in a foreign country more enjoyable. ”

Trading venues that allow you to settle with Alipay make yourself more attractive to Chinese tourists.

This, in turn, leads to the greatest amount of purchases made by this part of tourists.

Referring to information published by the German financial technology company, Wirecard, for Alipay companies, the amount of money spent by Chinese tourists can grow up to 350% in a year.

Alipay's mobile payment system is also available in Stockmann's department stores in Estonia and Finland. In the Baltic States, Stockmann provides mobile payments through Alipay in association with Wirecard.

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Established in 1862, Stockmann is a listed company of the Finnish trade involved in retail trade. It has nearly 44,000 shareholders and around 7,000 employees.

Stockmann Group revenue was in 2018 over 1 billion euros.

Stockmann has three departments – Stockmann Retail, including 8 department stores in Finland, Estonia and Latvia, as well as an online shop in Finland, real estate management and Stockmann's own real estate management. lease, Lindex "operates in 474 stores in 18 countries and online store in 30 countries.

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