Tuesday , January 25 2022

Stock markets are shrinking, oil prices are falling


On Tuesday, US stock and European stock markets discharged stock prices, which were hit by a downward trend in the technology sector.

There was much talk in Europe and Asia about the unexpected discovery of Japanese car, Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan driver, Carlos Gosn in Japan, and the stock prices of those companies dropped while another fall on Wall Street.

Analysts of Capital Economics predicted that the technology sector will continue to weaken in the next quarters, predicted by the expected economic weaknesses in the United States and China.

"Given the recurrent nature of the right IT sector, we have been trying for a time to prove that the profits will be severely affected in these circumstances," said analysts.

"Today, there was still a big appreciation. Investors face shares," said John D. Kinakh, chief strategist at TD Ameritrade, talks about Wall Street.

The oil company had also experienced the decline in stock prices in the United States, along with the technology sector, following a significant drop in oil prices, as well as retailers after several reports of different trends in earnings before the holiday shopping season.

Analysts in this weakness have been blamed for the slowdown in global growth, exacerbated by a number of trade disputes and politics between the United States and China.

Some market observers have said that the decline is aggravated by small trade volumes this week before Thanksgiving that is due on Thursday when the markets are closed.

US President Donald Tramps called again on the FRS to reduce interest rates on Tuesday. "We have a bigger problem with FRS than a problem with anyone else," Tramps told reporters.

In Asia, the stock price of Nissan, a 5.5% car maker, fell down while Mitsubishi – by 6.9%, and both companies were about to dismiss his chair, Carlos Gosnu, who was arrested in Japan on claims of unresolved income .

On Tuesday, Renault decided to keep Gosne in his control role, despite his arrest, but was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Thierry Bolor to ensure the company's control of Gosna "temporary incapacity".

Renault's share price moved 1.2% after a 8% reduction on Monday.

"The shares are not considered by the market [cenas] said a fall in buying power, "said Sedrick Beson, the manager of the Gaspal Gestion portfolio.

The price of Deutsche Bank divided almost five percent on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, fearing that this German bank will be taken into a silver laundering scandal that hit the Great Bank of Danske.

Oil prices on New York and London exchanges have fallen dramatically.

The euro fell against the US dollar and the British pound against the dollar, while the US dollar rose against the Japanese yen.

On New York Stock Exchange, the price of crude oil reduced to 3.77 dollars to $ 53.43 barrel on Tuesday. The Brent crude oil price on the London Stock Exchange moved from $ 4.24 to $ 62.55 in barrel.

The United States Dow Jones Industrial Average rejected 2.2% to 24 465.64 points on Tuesday, with Standard & Poor 500 falling 1.8% to 2641.89 points, while the Nasdaq Composite index shrank by 1.7% to 6908.82 points.

The FTSE London Stock Exchange index declined 100 0.8% on Tuesday to 6947.92 points, while the Frankfurt DAX 30 stock exchange decreased by 1.6% to 11.066.41 points, while the CAC 40 of the Paris Stock Exchange had decreased by 1.2% to 4924 , 89 points.

The euro was depreciated against the US dollar from 1.1454 to 1.1370 euros dollars on Tuesday, the British Pound relied on the dollar from 1.2854 to 1.2787 dollars dollars, which rose the US dollar against a Japanese yen from 112.55 to 112.75 yen and ddoler.

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