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Spaghata between Latvia and Basel. Kesselberg Ensemble and Ave Sol Anniversaries Celebrate / Article / LSM.LV


The Keselberg Ensemble ("Kesselberg Ensemble") will celebrate its 15th anniversary with three Bach and Miedel music concerts in Basel (May 5), Riga (May 8) and Rezekne (May 11). and the Riga Chamber Choir "Ave Sol", which is 50 years old.

Ilze Grudule, artistic director of "Kesselberg Ensemble", tells the story of the "Quam Terra Fontibus" anniversary concert or "Land in which the springs start": began with Andris Veismani, and this year, we are symbolic of walking on the geographical and musical trails where the Kesselberg Ensemble begins. "

What was the beginning of the Keselberg ensemble, and is it somehow not the successor of the popular Sansara string quartet at the time? "Definitely, the trails can be seen with my string quartet, although we didn't call myself a Keselberg ensemble then, although it has already been created," Ilze Grudule said. "Fifteen years ago we played a concert concert and harpsichord Miedl Fagot at Wagner Hall. The soloists were Sergio Azolini and Ieva Saliete, and this was a week of collaboration between the Basel Academy of Music and the Latvian Academy of Music. There was also a concert at St John's Church. T in Riga, where we performed Bach cantata and Melissa's choral introduction.

I remember very well the moment when I sat down in John's church, and I had tears when I heard Mītelis music. I understand – it deserves to be assigned for years to come.

I didn't know if they were fifteen years old or twenty, I didn't think of that right now, but I felt it had great power – both in the music itself and in Mille. Perhaps he didn't think about it, but from today 's point of view, think about how he felt here in Riga in the 18th century, and how he felt when he was Bach' s last pupil.

It is also commonly known as – Myth, Bach's final student. His task was not easy – to be a composer, if your teacher was Bach … "

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Kesselberg & # 39; in a Latvian tongue means Katlakalns. Johann Gottfried Myel (1728-1788), the leading Riga composer in the 18th century, probably spent his last years of life and was buried there. Today, his grave, like many of the facts of his life, has gone into nothing.

"The hostel hasn't written many times, but they're all very saturated," Grudule notes.

"We try to understand them. The music of the mistress stays the same with the dough, it's thick and it's also binding in that sense, so we return to her concerts & # 39 to harpsichord songs that are very different. "

The Kesselberg Ensemble includes Latvian musicians who have graduated from Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. The purpose of this meeting is to play Riga's baroque music. "At first we were three, and we called other nurses – Sanita Zarina, Ieva Saliete and I. The closest circle – Latvian who have studied in Switzerland, Basel, Kristine Jaunalksne, Grigalis Raitis and also those musicians who were there before 15 years ago, played at Wagner Hall – Melderis Raimonds, Janis Stafeckis, Lâsma Meldere-Šestakova, Kaspars Vilnītis.

The kernel is left, and now Keselberg lives in a twist between Riga and Basel, or more accurately – between Latvia and Basel, because there is a "third phrase" in Rezekne. "

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Ilze Grudule and Andris Veismanis

"Quam Terra Fontibus" is created by exchanging various performers' compositions: an instrumental chamber composition, a quartet choir and an eight leg choir with a baroque orchestra. A conceptual concert is also conceived as bridge bridges.

"Yeah, metam foots," smile the cellist.

"The idea was to work with the singers as Latvia was a singing nation and I wanted to co-operate with the choirs. Here I have to talk about collaborating with Switzerland in the project. T based on the best of Switzerland and Latvia, Ulda, and the "Keselberg Ensemble" is also taking part in this wonderful project, addressing Andris Veismanis, who could celebrate both birthdays, t Andris said "no" So this program was step by step through the program, we were looking at Small boots. Very interesting – everything collapses … "


5 May – Basel St. Peter's Church
May 8 – VEF Culture Palace in Riga
May 11 – in Rēzekne, Embassy of Latgale in GORS

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