Sunday , November 1 2020

Runners from Latvia Rumyantsev and Stone Win their Rowing and Starting at the First Half Final of the PK t

Latvian Kayakers Alexei Rumyancev and Robert Stone on Thursday won rowing in Poland and reached the first semi-finals of the World Cup.

Rumyantev reached a 200 meter finish after 36,487 seconds, passing the next followers for a second, while Stone rocked rowing with 37,815 seconds, secondly from 0.084 seconds only.

Meanwhile, Madara Aldina, who was fourth in 46,130 seconds, reached the female semi-finals in the 200 meter distance. In this discipline, the four fastest athletes and three best owners of each race reached the semi-finals.

But at 1000 meters, the scout Aldis Vilde was the fourth and he also reached the semi-finals, as it included five fastest performers and two other performers, but outside it was Edward Ceipe, who was seventh.

Canada's 1000 meter rowing was also successful, as Alvis Tints was fifth rowing, but Roberts Lagzdins ended with seventh place in the race. In this discipline, the fastest six and the top three of the next best scores reached the semi-finals.

The first stage of the World Cup in Poland will last until Sunday.

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