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Rockets give fourth loss of Warriors – Basketball –


The "Spurs" failure represented by Davy Bertan to "Clippers" had already been reported, but two other fighting took place last night. One of them, one of the most powerful teams in the West, was "Denver's" Nuggets "easy to play by one of Atlanta's favorite" Hawks "mood – 138: 93. Spanish Huang Ernangomess, who also has nine repetitions, scored the winning streak with 25 points in the season's most successful season. As always, Nikolai Jokic was a very versatile performance, which also added nine balls to the basket for 12 points, seven phases, four interceptions and one block shot.

The "Rockets", which began at the beginning of the season, were hosted by the "Warriors" champions. Already before the game, the Houston organization announced that he would stop co-operation with the attacker Carmelo Anthony, but in the "Warriors" ranks, the club had one game disqualified, the striker Dreimonds Grin returned. Indeed, the Auckland constitution was still not full – it's still time to run without co-leader, Stephan Carya, who has released the fourth game in a row and has waived two more.

Physically and emotionally (the conflicts between Greene and Kevin Durenta), the team did not really remind champions – after three quarters, Rockets was responsible for 13 points (76:63), but the last quarter started at home with 12: 2 development, making the difference between the indecent results (88:65). At that moment, the main coach Warriors, Steve Kear, called for a one-minute break, but he could not break the team, and when the players returned to the battle, "Rockets" had received nine more points in succession. At that moment, everything became clear, and the real hope of a game against Goldensteit fans was lost. At the end of the game, the score score was 107: 86 in favor of Houston.

James Hamden scored 27 points, added James Eniss 19, and 17 points to count Erika Gordon. Harend scored just the same distance as the All Warriors team with each other – four. Goldensteyt was stunning 20 points at Durent, and 12 were added by Kevin Loney.

Regular Season of the NBA, November 16th

Game The result The most successful
Rockets – Warriors 107: 86 Harence 27 – Durent 20
Nuggets – Hawks 138: 93 Ernangomess 25 – Lins 16
Clippers – Spurs 116: 111 Williams 23 – Derouzens 34

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