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Recommended chemist: Five hot drinks that improve health and delicious


When the time behind the window becomes cooler, the arm itself extends to the warm drink. However, in order to strengthen health in the autumn and winter, I want to find a drink that is not just tasty, but also valuable to the body – what are the merits of the drink present from a different cold season, revealed by pharmacist Laila Zalīte, "Apotheka" certified pharmacy network.

"Hot drinks are a great way to heat and absorb natural vitamins, strengthen immunity, protect the body from inflammation, improve body structure and even reduce appetite. The recommended daily two is about 2 to 4 glasses. One should not drink more than a liter of hot drink a day – although they have a positive effect on the performance of the body, it should be remembered that hot drinks contain sweeteners, such as honey , which is essentially sugar and should be taken in a controlled daily basis, "said pharmacist.

Citron Water

Hot water, lemon and honey are one of the most popular cold season drinks, and not free. Using lemonade with honey every day, it will protect from infectious diseases, improve metabolism and help to eliminate toxins. Lemon contains both vitamin C, which strengthen body immunity, as well as active substances that help to exclude the gap and thereby promote the role of the liver. In turn, the honey has an antfacteria, which reduces the risk of viral formation.

Genius with sinamon

Lemon juice with honey, adding ginger and sinamon, the hot drink gives new flavors and health-enhancing properties. Ginger gives an additional healing effect, helps reduce coughs because it can relax muscles and respiratory tract, but sinamon helps regulate the sugar level and thus relieve appetite. If hot drinking, which also includes sinamon, is drunk in the morning in an empty shower and at night during bedtime, it will stimulate metabolism, and it will also have a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

Cranberry drink

The consumption of warm cranberries, or morse, is often referred to as a "big drink" made of smokers and boiling, as well as some sugar. The drink containing vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, fights perfectly against free radicals, reduces kidneystones, disinfects the urinary tract, prevents bacteria from sticking to their walls, protecting themselves from undesirable urine inflammation during the cool and dramatic period.

Cidonia is drinking

The warm wine drink is made of quinces, which has been injected with sugar, and made a seyr. The Quinces are known as Latvian lemon – they contain a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B and fiber, which greatly stimulate digestion. It is certain that this drink is advised at times when the virus appears to be "caught".

Milk with honey

A grandmother recipe – milk with honey – is still up to date. Such a drink will be particularly useful during cough because it is soft and lightens the neck muscle membrane and reduces the inflammation of the throat. It is advisable to drink warm milk with honey soon before bed – it's soothes and provides deeper sleeping. It should be remembered that the milk should not be heated more than 40 degrees Celsius so that honey does not lose its healing properties.

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