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Recognize signs of stroke

2020 Oct 29, 16:03 / SIA “North Kurzeme Regional Hospital” Photo: SIA “North Kurzeme Regional Hospital”

Stroke is a sudden illness that requires action just as quickly. To mark World Stroke Day, North Kurzeme Regional Hospital is reminding how to recognize the signs of a stroke.

Rapid recognition of the signs of stroke and providing timely support to the injured person are essential preconditions for the disease not to have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life and life. Stroke is sudden brain damage. There are two types of stroke: an ischemic stroke, where a blood clot is blocked by a blood clot and the blood supply is disrupted, and a haemorrhagic stroke, where a blood vessel bursts and bleeds in or between the brain meninges. In turn, the manifestations of the symptoms of a stroke depend on the damaged part of the brain. The most common signs of stroke are weakness or numbness and paralysis of one side of the body, problems with sight and speech, problems with perception and balance, dizziness, vomiting, headaches and, in more severe cases, even a disturbance of consciousness.

One of the most effective methods for testing for stroke signs is the QUICK test, which is used worldwide. The first step is to ask the person to smile and assess if the corner of the eye or mouth has slipped down one side of the face, and check that the person can lift and hold both hands independently of the face. at one time. It is also necessary to ensure that a person can speak and say or repeat a simple sentence. If a person is unable to carry out at least one of these actions, an ambulance needs to be called immediately by calling 113.

The Neurology Department of North Kurzeme Regional Hospital has been operating a special Stroke Unit for 20 years, specializing in the care of stroke patients and providing support during the most acute phase of the disease. The Department of Neurology receives more than 230 stroke patients each year. The Stroke unit is the only one in North Kurzeme and accepts patients from Ventspils, Kuldiga, Talsi, as well as from regions. It should be noted that the ward also provides rehabilitation services so that the patient can fully recover and return to daily life as soon as possible. The hospital regularly involves medical staff in various training sessions and is working to make stroke patient care even more efficient and effective.

North Kurzeme Regional Hospital calls for a healthy and active day-to-day lifestyle, to be mindful of one’s own health and that of others!

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