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PICTURE: Awards presented to the most inclusive employers in Latvia – Technologies, science


PICTURE: Awards presented to the most inclusive employers in Latvia
PICTURE: Awards presented to the most inclusive employers in Latvia

On Friday, November 20, the “Diversity is Strength” movement created by the Society’s Integration Fund and Ventspils High Technology Park, was presented with the award of five employers who achieved the best results in implementing diversity management in their organization in 2020. This year’s winners include Paulig Coffee Latvia, Strenči Psychoneurological Hospital, Ventspils Reiss, Schwenk Latvija and security firm Grifs AG.

This year, Paulig Coffee Latvia received the award in the “Our Employees” nomination for talent management, approaching the development of each employee individually. The “Our Principles” nomination was won by “Strennan Psychological Hospital”, which has introduced innovative ways of working in medicine, thus promoting customer satisfaction with the service. The award in the “Our working environment” nomination was received by “Ventspils reiss”, who has created a distinctive work environment quality system, serving as an industry model for other urban companies. SCHWENK Latvija won the “Our Market Links” award for deliberate elimination of accidents at work, but Grifs AG was awarded the “OUR COMMUNICATION” award for ensuring labor mobility in regions of Latvia where job opportunities are not widespread.

“Managing diversity allows us to see new perspectives on how to solve problems and challenges, while making employees feel happier by fostering productivity, creativity and innovation. In addition, employers who apply the principles of diversity management purposefully in their daily lives are more likely to be industry leaders, more competitive in the market and more profitable. I want everyone to learn about diversity and to believe in it – to be open and make positive changes, ”stressed Zaiga Pūce, Secretariat Director of the Society’s Integration Institute.

SCHWENK Latvija participates in the movement and receives the award for the second time. According to the company, the award is just the end result of the extensive work done over several years, but engaging in self-assessment helps identify problems and resolve them in a timely manner. “To apply for the award, a company appraisal must be carried out. It helps the company to conduct its own audit of the processes that are taking place, because the questionnaires include things that make the company company think about what’s important – what’s important to the employee, what’s important to society, “explains Linda Šedlere, SIA’s” SCHWENK Latvija “Board member.

The “Diversity in Strength” award is given to employers for their contribution to promoting diversity in Latvia. The organization aims to promote tolerance of the diversity of Latvian companies and the labor market in general, as well as to create an understanding among the Latvian population that diversity is a resource. In 2018, 23 employers joined the movement, in 2019 – 31, but in 2020 – 36 employers. Of these, 26 applied for self-assessment for the first time this year.

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