Thursday , January 20 2022

Photographer Alexander Sokolov is stunned by his confession


Alexander Sokolov STV Photographer first! in the channel’s program “Dream Catchers” admitted that it regularly received inappropriate offers from customers.

Sokolvs says that before the photo session, she tries to discuss everything with the clients so that the work process is comfortable for her and does not cause unnecessary anxiety. It makes no secret of the fact that he has experienced many events in this profession in 20 years.

“This year, I had one woman … she was trying to physically achieve what she wanted,” the photographer said openly and laughing that he even had to “fight.” The situation seemed funny and very uncomfortable to the photographer, but the woman has not achieved anything.

While the photographer avoids paying attention, he does not hide the fact that someone has achieved what he wants. Sokolov points out that half of his relationships were with women who were his clients.

However, the photographer emphasizes that photographing naked women negatively affects his sexuality.

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