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PHOTO: The exhibition "Honorary Olympics Hall of Latvia. Bronze Silver Gold."


The Latvian Sports Museum director Agra Brune opens the Austrian Olympic hall of Latvia.

The Latvian Sports Museum director Agra Brune opens the Austrian Olympic hall of Latvia.

Photo: Eddy Pallens / LETA

On Wednesday, the Latvian Sports Museum opened a new "Honorary Hall of the Latvian Olympians Bronze Silver Gold", which, with its presence, was congratulated by President Raimonds Vējonis and a number of enthusiastic Latvian sports.

Opening the Olympic honors hall, at the same time, celebrated 30 years since the restoration of the Latvian Olympic Committee (LOC).

"We are proud of 100 year achievements – the victories of the Olympic, World and European champions," said Aldon Vrubelievsky, President of the LUK, at an opening ceremony. "Over 600 Olympians won 94 Olympic talents – gold, silver and bronze at different stages of the history of summer and winter Olympics, representing their own people and their country. With the exhibition This, attended by all our sports community, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC), we want to honor our Olympians from Stockholm's high street to modern games in Rio de Janeiro and Phenchang. "

Name of the gallery

President SOS Thomas Bach also spoke in the video address.

"I have the honor and privilege to welcome everyone to 30 years since the restoration of the Latvia Olympic Committee. You identify an important milestone in the Olympic movement in Latvia. Dear athletes, your performance in the Olympics Latvia on the World Sport Card. Thank you all for the huge contribution to promoting sports in Latvia. You promote Olympic values ​​- friendship, dignity and excellence in your country and beyond. Thanks for being a reliable member From the Olympic family. Anniversary is an important event not only for you but for the entire Olympic movement, so my honor, on behalf of the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Movement It's all for you to wish you a wonderful celebration, "says the head of the IOC.

The LOC also announced on Wednesday that the company "Grindeks" stock market, who will be the sponsor of the organization, will have the right to use the LOK graphic identity and the Latvian Olympic team and place an advertisement at the Olympic sports centers in Latvia during a circle next Tokyo Tokyo Olympics. The cooperation agreement has signed by the end of 2020.

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"The Latvian Olympic Committee is pleased that the leader of the pharmaceutical market has chosen the leader of the sports industry." Grindeks "support will work in a number of directions – not only will the Latte athletes help prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games and other important competitions, but they will also play sports in the most active Olympic sports centers in the regions – Daugavpils, Liepaja, Valmiera, Ventspils and Riga, "said Vrublevsky

"We are truly proud of being part of the Olympic Movement and to support our best athletes in one of the most responsible moments of their career – at present when they are respected by & # 39; The individual performance with the name of Latvia in the international arena. At the same time, we want to encourage society to focus on a healthy and healthy way, because strong health is the basis of the basis for any victory, "added Kirovs Lipmans , board chairman "Grindeks".

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