Tuesday , August 16 2022

Perkins on Hayward’s deal: If Michael Jordan has become so generous, maybe I should go back to the NBA?


Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Photo: AP Photo / Chuck Burton

The former National Basketball Association (NBA) center and current ESPN basketball analyst Kendrix Perkins has criticized Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan for awarding Gordon Hayward an extraordinary deal.

It has already been reported that Hayward unexpectedly joined the Hornets, ending a four-year contract worth $ 120 million. The deal is unexpected because in the past, the main favorites for Hayward were the Indian Pacers and Knicks of New York, but the Hornets appeared almost out of the blue, offering the basketball player a larger sum than other units .

“I favor players being rewarded properly, but the Hornets made a bad deal,” said Perkins, who spoke ironically of the club owner. “Michael Jordan has already started thinking about Christmas! If he is so generous, maybe I should start thinking about leaving ESPN to get in shape and return to the NBA? pick up the bombs that bounced off! ”

“I understand that ‘small markets’ have to overpay to attract stars, but allocating 120 million to a man who is already 30 and I don’t think being a team leader can have a serious impact on the future,” he said Perkins. “Charlotte did a good job drafting Lamelo Bol, but they need to continue on this path and develop new players, not give 120 million to Hayward, who has suffered an injury in recent years.”

To qualify Hayward, the Hornets put Nicholas Batum on the roster of vulnerable players, who will have to pay $ 9 million each for three consecutive seasons until 2023, and that amount will replace salary resources Charlotte every season. NBA reviewer Bill Simons sharply criticized the Hornets, calling it a “silly organization” between the lines.

Hayward, 30, after an outstanding game in 2016/17. At the Utah Jazz, an agreement was reached with Celtics to sign a four-year, $ 127 million deal. However, in his first Celtics match, he severely broke his leg, which caused him to fail 2017/18 in total. season. After that, Hayward has not performed as well as in recent years with Jazz.

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