Friday , June 24 2022

Our Olympic goals have not changed


The goal of the Latvian men’s 3×3 men’s basketball team – the Tokyo Olympics – has not changed, in conversation with the Latvian Basketball Union (LBS), one of the team’s players Nauris Miezis stresses.

Latvia’s best 3×3 basketball team “Riga” won all five games in the fourth leg of the World Tour in Doha, winning the second “Masters” title this season and taking first place in the overall World Tour ranking. The tournament’s most valuable player was Miezi, who named the entire team’s MVP.

In the final match with the main rivals, the Latvian team defeated the Serbian team “Liman” between 13:19 and 15:20, winning with 21:20. Barley admits that this doesn’t happen often in 3×3 basketball.

“I don’t pretend to be a big optimist – in the end, I don’t think we can save anything. One successful attack, good defense, another attack …” LBS quotes Barley.

According to Miezis, the Serbs wanted to secure the victory with a shot from distance.

“It should be noted that the previous points were not easily reached and fatigue had built up. We were” finished “, but we still had enough energy to be able to” put in the second gap. ” “Various milestones have been confirmed,” stresses Miezis.

Gaining two Masters degrees confirms that the training process is properly planned and implemented.

“In training, we have not given ourselves or the B team boys any discounts, we play sports with them on a regular basis. It has not been boring. Of course, I like to play more and take part in tournaments, but in here we are all in the same conditions, “Miezis said.

The basketball player says the isolation regime in Doha is more stringent than before in Hungary.

“Immediately after arriving in Doha, we passed a Covid-19 test and, while waiting for the results in the hotel, we couldn’t leave our room for three days. Not a step – we couldn’t even visit the team-mates in the next room.

Basketball players have kept in shape by connecting with “Zoom” with the coach and doing everything that can be done in the room.

“When we met outside after three days, we were amazed by the fresh air at the first moment. We practiced in the field for an hour and the feelings started to return. It was warm – the thermometer showed 35 degrees. But experience shows that we play well in hot weather.

Covid-19 also affected the course of the Doha tournament, as the Haarlem team was found to be infected, and the Serbian “Ub” team was left without two players.

“The Harlemers stayed in the trio and involved the locals to get involved. This affected the results. Our opponents were all full,” said Miezis.

The Latvians won all the games convincingly, including beating Lithuania’s leading team “Utenas” in the semifinals with 21:13.

“It may be strengthened by previous experience, perhaps the work done in training and the belief that previous results have strengthened the belief that we are heading in the right direction. We also wanted to take revenge on the Lithuanians “asked me – this time the tournament MVP award would have been given to Edgar,” Miezis explained.

The final phase of the World Tour is planned for the Latvian team on December 18 and 19 in Jeddah.

“According to the regulations in force in Latvia, we have to spend some time in self-isolation. Then we will continue training and go to a training camp in Saudi Arabia in early December. Let’s change the environment, getting new emotions, “Miezis said.

However, it cannot answer at this stage what the process of preparing for the Olympic qualification will be.

“Only LOV coaches or experts can answer this question. We are not looking so far ahead, focusing on the next tournament. But, of course, our Olympic goals have not changed, even though the pandemic has moved a year on, “notes Miezis.

There are only five races on the World Tour during the Covid-19 pandemic season. Three of them happened at Debrecen in August and September, where in one of the stages “Riga” celebrated the victory, but in the other two they stopped in the semi-finals and the finals.

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