Friday , May 27 2022

Olainfarm's turnover grew in October 34%


The preliminary combined results of JSC Olainfarm in October 2017 show that the company's turnover in October reaches EUR 12.78 million, a 34% increase compared to October the previous year. The preliminary 10-month results also show that growth of the Olainfarm group has grown by 7% year on year and has reached 101.8 million euros. During the ten months of this year, the Olainfarm Group has sold its products in 52 markets.

The consolidated sales data of October shows that the fastest growth recorded in Kazakhstan, India and Belarus, where turnover rose from 447%, 330% and 189% respectively. Olainfarm's main sites in October were Russia, Latvia and Belarus, informing Dana Hasana, Olainfarm Public Relations Manager.

The most rapid increase in sales during the ten months this year in Belarus, where sales increased by 52%, was in Uzbekistan, where it reached a 45% increase and in Tajikistan increased by 43%. In this period, small marks – 5% – have fallen from compared to last year in Russia.

Olainfarm's biggest stores in the ten months of 2018 were Russia, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine, said D. Hasan.

According to the preliminary results of the JSC "Olainfarm" unfair, sales of products in October 2018 amounted to 9.8 million euros, a 28% increase over the same period last year. The biggest sales increase in October was achieved in India, Kazakhstan and Belarus, where its volume increased by 330%, 255% and 142% respectively, compared to October the previous year. Sales in October dropped the largest in Germany – by 31%. All major products (Russia, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine) worked "with a larger sign" in October and positively influenced sales figures.

According to JSC "Olainfarm" estimates, the company's uncomplicated turnover in 2018 could reach 96 million euros, while the combined turnover – 130 million euros. According to the preliminary turnover figures, during the 10 months of 2018, 80.6% of the total co-ordinated turnover planned for 2018 and 78% of the combined conversion turnover, according to D. Hasana.

JSC "Olainfarm" is one of the largest companies in the Baltic States with more than 45 years experience in pharmaceutical production and chemical and pharmaceutical products. At present, Olainfarm products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide, including the Baltic States, Russia, other CIS countries, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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