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Nova Lituania was recognized as the best feature film in Lithuania last year / Article /


Lithuanian national film award – “Silver Crane” – as last year’s best feature film, this time received director Karolis Kaupiņš’s first film “Nova Lituania”, which Lithuania has just decided to nominate for a US Film Academy Oscar.

In a competition of nearly 40 films, “Nova Lituania” has won the most awards, including for the best work of director, screenwriter, film artist and actress and supporting actor.

The awards were presented this year after a year’s break – last year the evaluation and awards were not held in connection with the bankruptcy of the Lithuanian Film Academy, so in some nominations awards were also given for the best performance of the previous year.

The best feature film of 2019 was director Marija Kavtaradze’s film “Summer Survivors”, which also received the audience award “Vox populi”, but “Silver Crane” was awarded best actress for her work in this film by Indre Patkauskaite.

Valentin Novopolsky was given the best actor award for the role in Latvian director Juris Kursieš’s film “Oleg”, but producer Luks Trimonis was awarded for his work on this film, made in collaboration with Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium and France, in the nomination for best co-production.

Rasa Samolīte and Vaidots Martinaitis in the film “Nova Lituania” have been recognized as the best actress and supporting actress.

This year, for the first time, an award was presented in the “Green Cranberry” nomination for a film that encourages living in harmony with nature. It was received by the film’s creators of Rugile director Barzdžukaite’s “Sour Forest”.

Latvian audiences have already had the opportunity to see all the films mentioned.

Originally, the Silver Crane ceremony was supposed to take place at the Siemens Vilnius Arena, but due to Covid-19, the organizers changed their plans, presenting the award winners in safe conditions and allowing viewers to follow the awards ceremony, held as an event in a mysterious cinema. a single viewer watching it, embodied and supplemented with his remarks by the humorist Mants Bartuševičs.

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