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Mild KM & # 39; looking for a buyer to restore the operation of the plant


Owners of the fruit and vegetable processor "Milda KM" have been looking for an investor for a long time and this process is almost complete, according to the company's proprietors, GGV Invest.

Viesturs Kulkikovskis, co-owner of the company "Gilda KM", confirmed that Milda KM's work is giving up this summer's operations as one of the largest lenders of the company filed a claim for debt recovery by Milda KM. As a result, the court decided to suspend the company's bank accounts and since then the company has been transferred to control its largest assurance creditor, "Altum Development Finance Organization" ("Altum").

He emphasized that the contract for the sale of "Milda KM" had already signed, under the conditions that Altum will meet the buyer agreed, and when implemented, transaction will be possible.

Kulikovsky did not reveal the name of the buyer nor the amount of the agreement for the time being. According to him, the investor intends to resume the operation of Milda KM, and if the buyer was not found, the company would be more likely to be discharged at the moment.

A number of former company employees, who wanted to remain anonymous, indicated that the company had long settlement problems, so one of the creditors, "Intep", was "patience" and introduced the lawsuit company on debt recovery. As a result, the bailiff blocked the Milda KM bank accounts, parsing the company's work, and since the end of June, production has stopped and employees do not receive wages. Milda KM has also paid those workers whose work relationship has ended with.

In general, according to the company's employees, there were around 50 people working in the company, with which there are still 10 employees. There are no estimates of total salary for employees.

Former chairman of the board, Milda KM Vilnis Vorobjovs, said that due to the rise in competition prices and raw materials, the company did not have current assets consistently and, in order to attract them, it was necessary to borrow a certain amount of money from the credit institutions or & The investor that the company was looking for at the time. Although it delayed, the company made taxes, liabilities to the bank and other payments, but one of the creditors – "Intep" Ltd – came to force the debt this summer due to delays . As a result, the court decided to suspend the company's bank accounts, and since then, "Milda KM" was now able to act.

"In my opinion, the judge made an injured decision to arrest company accounts in favor of one of the creditors, avoiding other creditors, which led to a complete barlys of the company's business. Theoretically, then a claim and challenge can be lodged to this decision in court, but in practice, because the accounts that have been blocked can not be said Vorobyov said that employees can not pay wages, even elementary things, paying bills, including communication by telephone, security services or solicitors.

Sandman Eglite, the largest provider of certainty creditor, Altum, a public relations expert, said Altum, as a secure creditor, had to give his / her permission to the transaction if the company was sold , that discussions were held between the owners of the company and potential buyers. However, at present, the company's proprietors or purchaser of the company have not contacted Altum with a request to correct the transaction. Therefore, Altum is not able to comment on the stage of negotiations and will eventually lead to the sale of the company.

According to her, if the owners of the company have agreed with potential buyers about the essential components of the transaction and have contacted Altum with a reconciliation application, Altum will assess the transaction's compliance with financial institutions as interests & # 39; the secure creditor and the responses. "Altum, as a responsible creditor, ensures the management of property and the company with the aim of maintaining it in good order and optimizing its value to sell the plant and resume production , "said Eglīte.

The information "" suggests that "Milda KM" was exempt from the added value taxpayer round on October 16 this year. According to the information provided by the State Revenue Service, the company had a debt of € 225,464 on November 7.

He has already announced that Kete Pruss, who is currently the only board member Milda KM, has been appointed Chairman of the Smooth Board of KMS on August 14th. Previously, the company's board chairman was Vilnis Vorobjovs, who held this post from May 19, 2015 until July 17, this year.

It was also reported that Milda KM last year had a turnover of 2.383 million euros, a 9.6% reduction compared to the previous year, while the company's losses grew 1.8 times to 171,737 euros.

GGV Invest is a lonely single person KM. According to "", the owners of GGV Invest with 31.77% share Gates Cakan, Jizhak Rubanenko and Viesturs Kulkikovskis, while 4.69% belong to Gundars Kulikovskis. GGV Invest has excluded from the VAT payment cycle on October 16 this year. The company had a tax debt of 2405 euros on October 7 this year.

The activities "Milda KM" produce as well as commerce of vegetables, canned food, main meals and food supplements. The soft KM plant is located in the parish of Koceni, with a registered capital of 2,322,000.

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