Sunday , August 14 2022

Mental Reflections: The 4th May Festival was the most painful holiday


Yesterday was the celebration of Latvian Independence Day, it was possible to attend Christmas concerts at the Freedom Memorial, Latvian Film Marathon in Riga, to watch the parade "Put your folk dress in honor of Latvia", to participate in the composition " Flower Latvia "or to choose to attend another event of the wide celebration. programs.

However, not only has the celebration brought joyous emotions, but also some thoughtful reflections.

For example, on a social site "Facebook" Inta writes: "There is a Latvian Century, so I did not write yesterday to not damage the holiday. I stood between many in the Freedom Memorial and rejoiced with Latvian children, a music school, but most of all in music school orchestras, I looked on my own [..] I'm so excited about the ninth – my boys (including the girls, of course), but especially about some of the great things we know for sure – if they hadn't learned music in the t classroom, they would not be on the street, they would be dark walls and our environment would be much more uncertain. I saw beautiful, confident and purposeful young people with their own goals for life. I know them, respect them and enjoy them, even if they don't become musicians.

Last week it became known that reforms to the law on education, where school music direction activities will not be possible in Latvia anymore, will be adopted last summer. These festivals were the most painful holiday.

It was not known to anyone (some were definitely …). And, knowing that, I thought about the mind. In my opinion, the leaders asked for free to ask the children to play as badly and rhythmically as they could to show what the feast could be, if the children didn't learn or not want to play. Or, for example, they could only imagine play but not really play. Your disaster would be for the celebration and nobody would know what to do! There was a great temptation! You know why I didn't do that? I have graduated from the same music school. I have learned what is sacred and valuable !! Instead, I told the children that they were playing as beautiful as they could! They played … t

In Latvia, there are 4-5 thousand children studying music referral programs in 19 schools. Are Latvian music schools ready to pick up these children? Why have these parents chosen these programs, where can one learn general education and the tool game in one place? Why, in our school, according to parental demand, we have three parallel music diversion classes for 8 years and only one general education? Why does gymnastics go to gyms? In primary school, all children are the same, why in a few years music shift children show better performance in all subjects? Why do children from different subject disciplines mostly have children who tend to learn music with the same teachers? I know the answer to these questions … t


What can we do to care for the kind of education to offer our children? Yes, one of the authors of music teaching materials in the Skola2030 project. Our authors make every effort to make the music learning process meaningful, develop and engage with all children in the future, but the role of schools focusing on music in each area is vital to the future of music. cultural environment. Such a school should be at least one in the center of each county! Is the education of these children a lesson for one instrument per child in the Latvian state budget, which is no longer tolerated? If you ask me, I would say that any child in Latvia would deserve this kind of education, or, at least, the choice … What do you think? "

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