Saturday , October 1 2022

Latvian dietitians take part in the first 4×7.5 kilometer relay of the season at the World Cup – Winter Sports


The teams will start at 13.45 Latvian time, broadcasting live on Latvian TV Channel 7 (LTV7).

The Latvian team is ranked 21st in 24 quartets.

This season will be the first in the 4×7.5 kilometer relay.

Last season, including the World Championship, the Latvian national team started the relay six times, finishing 21st twice, and finishing 26th in the worst start in Estesund.

In the overall score of the season, Latvia was 23rd among 27 countries with 107 points.

Norway was the best with 348 points, followed by France with 302 points and Germany with 264 points.

On Sunday, without the participation of Latvian representatives, a ten-kilometer women’s driving competition will be held.

At the Kontiolahti stage on Thursday, Rastorgujev took 42nd place in the sprint, Roberts Slotiņš finished in 79th position, Kirils Matjuhins in 98th position.

In the women’s sprint competition, Latvia’s only representative Annija Keita Sabule shot the ten goals and took the high 69th position in the competition of 103 athletes.

On Saturday, Rastorgujev took 32nd position in the 12.5-kilometer run with five errors in shooting range.

The Latvian national team participates in an unusual composition in the first two stages.

It has already been reported that Bovila Baiba Bendika and the head coach of the national team Ilmārs Bricis, who do not participate in the first two stages of the World Cup, had positive tests at Covid-19 training camp in Sweden.

Slotiņš, Sabule and Rastorgujev were the first to come to Finland. Swedish athletes – Aleksandrs Patrijuks, Sanita Buliņa and Edgars Mise – went home as a precaution, but in Finland junior division Rūdis Balodis, Birkentāls Reniers, Kirils Matjuhins and Ieva Pūce joined the team last week. Intars Berkulis, who has been in Finland since last Monday, will be Kontiolahti’s head coach in the first two stages.

After Kontiolahti, the two stages of the World Cup will take place in Hohfilzen in December. Athletes will start the new year with two stages at Oberhof, but a stage at Antholz-Anterselv is underway. Pokļuka will host the world championship in February, followed by two stages at Nove Mesto, and the end of the season is scheduled for the second half of March in Oslo.

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