Thursday , October 6 2022

KNAB joined each of the 10 elections for receiving state funding. 2% obstructed the blocked party – Latvia – News


Loads in the application had to set out a bank account specially opened for this purpose at a registered credit institution in Latvia.

By law, the state budget finances are allocated to a party that has voted over 2% in the previous elections in Saeima. There are 71 calendar phases in each calendar. The state funding for four years will be awarded and will be paid from the next calendar year following the Saeima elections. The cost is paid four times a year.

The 10% party and party associations survived a 2% barrier in the Saeima 13th election.

It was already reported, by law and information provided on the Central Election Commission website, that the Plaid Harmony will receive a total of 474,612 euros over a four year period. The LV KPV party will receive 341 548 euros within four years, the New Conservative Party – 325,728 euros, "Develop / For!" – EUR 288 784, Society for "All For Latvia" – for Fatherland and Freedom / LNNK – EUR 264 012, Green Union and Farmers – EUR 237 636, New Unity – EUR 160 576, Association of Latvian Regions – EUR 99 448, Latvia The Russian Union – 76,716 euros, while "Increasing" will receive 62,700 euros, according to information collected by the LETA agency.

These ten political forces will receive € 2,331,760 of the state budget.

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