Friday , December 4 2020

Kivičs explains his detailed cost of living in Tenerife – Celebrities – – Entertainment t

Earlier, the musician said he was not in a hurry to find a job, because Madara Kiviča, her daughter's mother and her wife, hoped that the marriage was not officially separated by her, that she would Kivič soon found a job because she had to pay disgusting to the children.

Kivičs did not hesitate, after Madara's public statements, to tell the supporters of the cost of his life and the cost of Skulme in the Spanish Canary Islands.

Both aircraft cost € 450 in one direction, while the flat with a pond in the yard cost € 600 per month. Renting a car in Tenerife costs € 100 a week, while food is at the same price as Latvia.

Skulme explained that the two local backyard shops are more expensive – milk in the supermarket pays 85 cents, but in the backyard shop 1.50 euro.

"Then, when you have to pay 50 euros, there is pea, but whether milk costs 1.80 or 1.20 euro is very important, "says Kivič.

As you know, a couple from the end of July will live in Tenerife. When asked how a musician will earn a living abroad, he said he was prepared to work in a bar, play guitar cafes, and work in the tourism industry.

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