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Jaunzeme received a reprimand for not instituting disciplinary proceedings against a SRS officer – Society and Politics – News


Last week, the SRS detained Andris Ābol, Head of the Customs Investigation Division of the Tax and Customs Police Board. The Director General of the Service condemned the publicly retained employee and has now been dismissed. At the beginning of the year, a commission of inquiry called the same officer for disciplinary action.

At that time, Jaunzeme refused to evaluate his actions. This and several other refusals to initiate disciplinary proceedings against high-ranking SRS officers are the reason why Jaunzeme himself has been reprimanded.

Ābols began his career in the SRS in 2000 as a customs supervisor at the Zemgale regional office, but in recent years has worked in the Tax and Customs Police. He also specialized in anti-money laundering issues and represented the organization at workshops and seminars.

On November 13, Apple was arrested on suspicion of bribery of 35 thousand euros – the same as its annual salary.

“Within the framework of a specific criminal case, the activities of more than one person have been detained and evaluated to prevent corrupt activities in the State Revenue Service.

The size of the bribe has been several tens of thousands of euros, so this is a complex criminal scheme, “Aigars Prusaks, head of SRS’s Department of Internal Security, explained in the program.

The crime was detected by the Internal Security Board in cooperation with the Tax and Customs Police and the Anti-Corruption Office. “Nothing Personal” is known to be a bribe for the release of a batch of confiscated cigarettes.

Cockroach stated in the program “I would not like to provide any more information at this time, because we are only at the beginning of the work”.

“It is necessary to invest a lot of resources so that we can be absolutely sure that there is no other officer in the State Revenue Service involved in the particular criminal scheme,” explained the head of the Department of Internal Security.

Apple has not yet been exposed to the Internal Security Board, however, the service’s investigation commissions have sought to investigate its actions for not responding to subordinate employees’ crimes.

Criminal Procedure Law states that only investigators or their direct senior officer can make decisions in a case. The position of head of the customs investigation department is higher. For a boss at this level to intervene in an investigation, reliable researchers are needed at a lower position.

At the beginning of the year, Jaunzeme was asked to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Apple by a service investigation commission led by an official Maris Knoks.

Service inspectors had found that olsbols had not assessed the responsibility of his subordinates when the relevant evidence of cigarette smuggling in the criminal case was lost due to their fault – the offenders had been transported by the transport containing the cigarettes.

Shortly after the incident, Jaunzeme Knoku, who has been specializing in the investigation of crime by officers for twenty years, was transferred to the Tax and Customs Police Criminal Investigator. Apple was the head of Knock.

On May 17 of this year, Knock said: “In my opinion, I have chosen as a model to show all other colleagues what happens to investigators who are fundamentally correct in disciplinary proceedings and do not obey any instructions vague verbal comment from management about the need to change some. findings of the investigation. “

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