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In European games, Latvian athletes will start in 13 sports / Article /

The Latvian delegation to the second European Games in Minsk included 52 athletes starting in 13 sports, the Latvian Olympic Committee (LOK) announced on Thursday. European games in the Belarusian capital with the participation of 50 countries will take place between 21 and 30 June.

Latvia will be most represented in athletics, with a full team of 15 athletes and six reserve. Latvia will also take part in two 3×3 basketball teams for women and men. There will be five athletes in canoeing, four will start cycling on the highway, three will take part in a boxing tournament, and two will be in the shooting competition, and one athlete will compete in badminton, judo, karate, archery, sambo and gymnastics. .

The General Secretary of the LOC and the head of the Latvian delegation in Minsk, stressed. Žorz Tikmers, there will be sports leaders in Latvia in the team. The team will consist of nine Olympic players – wrestler Anastasia Grigorieva, judge Yevgeny Borodavko, kayak Aleksei Rumyancev, the rider Aleksei Saramotin, shooter Madara Palameika, Lauma Griva's long distance shooter, as well as runners Gunta Vaičule, Dmitry Jurkevich and Jānis Leitis.

In eight of the 13 sports – archery, athletics, badminton, highways cycling, judo, karate, shooting and table tennis – there will also be an Olympic qualification competition in Minsk. "Team composition allows you to look forward to good sporting results," said Tikmer LOK.

European Games are international complex competitions held every four years. In Minsk, the competition program includes 15 disciplines of 23 sports – Badminton, 3×3 Basketball, Boxing, Fighting, Cycling, Gymnastics, Canoeing, Judo, Karate, Athletics, Sambo, Archery, Shooting, Table Tennis and Beach Football. Two sports – boxing and judo – will also mark the best in the European Championship.

More than 4,000 athletes will take part in the European Games II in Minsk.

Latvian athletes in European games

Badminton – Ieva Pope

Boxing – Mikhail Pavlov, Gennady Merkulov, Evander Servuts

Martial Arts – Anastasia Grigoryeva, King Tjapko, Dmitry Mikhailov

Judo – Yevgeny Borodavo

Canoeing – Maruta Aldina, Alexei Rumyanov, Roberts Lagzdins, Aivis Tints, Gatis Pranks

Karate – Kalvis Kalnins

Archery – Jānis Bružis

Cycling – Māris Bogdanovičs, Alexei Saramotin, Andris Vosekalns, Kristers Ansons t

Sambo – Viktor Reshko

Shooting – Agate Rašmane, Lauris Strautmanis

Athletics – Sindija Bukha, Paula Sprudzane, Palameika Madara, Lauma Griva, Patricia Sarmule, Maria Medvedev, Liga Velvere, Gunta Vaičule, Elvis Misan, Kristaps Sietins, Rihards Bremze, Austris Karpinskis, Alexander Kucs, Dmitry Jurkevich, Janis Leitis, Ilona Dramačonoka Daniel Bambal, Ilya Pushchenko, Kruger Reinis, Anna Shevchenko, Patricia Cirule

Gymnastics – Elina Vihrova

3×3 Basketball Basketball, Ground Floor-Liepa, Laura OK, Blume Aneme, Shankans Armands, Armands Ginters, Martins Steinbergs, Robert Paže

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