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“I fought alone, without any iniquity. I don’t have to shame myself.” Conversation with Venus, leaving the “Country Farm” | Show


Just before the finals, “Lauku sēta” is abandoned by Venus Ronkauskas, who was previously considered a strong contender for victory. On leaving the game, Venus revealed that he does not regret anything and is not ashamed of anything, because, unlike others, he played fair game.

Last week in Lauku sēta was emotionally difficult precisely because of the last vote, because Agnis left me in his place.

I’m strong psychologically and emotionally, continually, but I’m probably not in such a company, ”Venus said after the vote, adding that three to one is a bit. Aware of the people to be with in the game, she would not be willing to take part in “Lauku sēta” for the second time.

“I just fought, without any iniquity. I don’t have to shame myself,” Venus evaluates what he did in the game. She is particularly proud of the work being done basement.

“Dana is far from the girl. I wish either Linda or Cynthia a victory. But basically I had to be Agnis in my place and defeat Jurčika,” says Venus. that it is difficult to realize that “Lauku sēta” is still based on the game, and the one that has made the most is not always the most appreciated in the game.

When she returns home, she will rush first to enjoy a hot bath, love the girl and look forward to the children and grandchildren at home.

A very happy grandmother and grandmother. The combination of strength and beauty “Country Farm” – Venus

Dana, William, Juris, Linda and Cynthia have competed in the finals.

Who do you think will win?

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