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How to integrate TV in the interior? There are variations


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Already in the last century, the television came in or out of every home. What options are available today for integration into the interior?

Not only in the living room

Initially television was only one in every dwelling and was housed in a living or living room most often. Later, the kitchen overtook the bedroom and, in time, it was caught in the nursery and the bathroom. However, the scheme was traditionally traditional – in a section, on a separate shelf / table or stand. In time, special wall installations were also devised. However, almost all variations occupied a significant space in the room, because the TV design was huge and heavy.

Nowadays, when new TV screens and panels are available, there are many other options and solutions for using equipment: independent scales of different sizes on the legs, small and giant wall panels and inspired screens by the interior, as the mirror. airplane, wall or painting.

On the wall

Fixed bracket – a special bracket to install a flat screen TV. Fixed and cheap solution. Disadvantage – TV can only be viewed from stationary seats, it is not possible to change its angle.

Mount Ceiling – Special brackets hold the TV firmly on the wall, but it also allows you to push or change the TV panel. Ideal for the bedroom. However, experts believe that a screen above eye level, when viewed for a long time, is harmful to appearance.

Durable wall collapsing machine for ease of use. When the mechanism is folded, the TV fits into the wall, but by sliding it, it is possible to rotate the 120 degree angle horizontally and at an angle of 10 degrees vertically. This option is very convenient for kitchen conditions. Disadvantage – it is not always possible to connect the TV seamlessly with the power supply and other equipment.

On the stand

Closed floor cabinets on which the television is fitted will be best suited to the inside of classics. Their face can be turned at a sufficiently large angle to allow the TV to be seen conveniently from different places in the room. But inside the cabinet you can easily hide the necessary communication – wires and accessories. Disadvantage – takes a lot of floor space.

A mobile tripod is lightweight design cabinets or a shelf system for wheels. They have brackets and mounting sockets for additional devices and cable tunnels. Easy to move to another room.

Open stalls include cabinet / shelf system, mounting bracket and cable tunnel. They can be placed on the floor and on the wall. The construction is relatively light and not huge. Plus – other multimedia devices can be conveniently located.

Hide in the furniture

This solution is most suitable for a romantic or classical interior where it is difficult to install new technology devices so that they are integrated into organic space.

The most common solution is a wardrobe / chest of drawers suitable for the inner style, where the TV screen is hidden behind the door hinges.

A more convenient way – the TV is hidden in furniture with sliding doors or up / down. Even more active solution – while watching TV screens, you can get a little out of the room while the wires and the accessories stay in the cupboard.

Integrate the interior

If the TV panel is given a practical but decorative role, it can be visually displayed and matched to other internal elements, for example, a darker screen with larger black-and-white pictures on the wall larger and smaller cushions on the sofa or wall on the wall. Television, brighter color or a few shades are darker than other walls.

On the other hand, if you want to make the TV visually unobtrusive, you can choose a screen with a white frame, mixing with a wall, or ordering new, special technology solutions that incorporate a TV screen on the mirror. or the glass surface. The disadvantage is costly, and you still have to look for ways to hide additional wires and devices.


!!! If you want not only to look easy, but also quality audio, equipment and furniture for TV and cinema placement, buy in specialist equipment stores instead of furniture salons, because special solutions have been designed to minimize the impact negative vibration on sound and ears creation (neighbors too) are comfortable sound.

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