Sunday , June 26 2022

from work at the airport to US basketball, visiting the Bulls practice session – Out of the Frame Podcast –


Previously, Rūdolfs Rozītis trained professional basketball teams in Latvia, but after his dismissal from Jēkabpils club, he worked as a coach assistant in US student basketball last season. Unexpectedly receiving a call from Toda Abernetia, who once played in Latvia, Rudolf left the airport and went on a new adventure – to work as a coach in US student basketball. In the podium by Andrei Silina Rudolf talks about the psychologically difficult moment after leaving Jēkabpils, working at the airport, US student basketball as such, the tone of the US basketball labor market. , remembering to visit the Chicago Bulls practice session, sharing impressions of Za Williamson, reporting on future opportunities and much more interesting.

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