Wednesday , September 28 2022

Former Russian officers accused of corruption in Egypt are stabbed in Egypt / Article / LSM.LV


Aija Stabiņa, former official officer of Riga City Council suspected of taking a bribe in Egypt, was arrested in Egypt. It was detained by the Pollution Prevention and Revolution Office (KNAB) six years ago, but half a year later, Stabiņa disappeared from the Latvian authorities.

Liga Cirule lawyer confirmed the Latvian TV that there was a court in Egypt on Monday, November 19, in a session about the publication of Stabina to Latvia, but her decision is still unknown.

Ariju Stabiņš, Head of Riga City Council Apartment Board, was arrested in autumn 2012 by the Pollution Prevention and Revolution Office. KNAB is suspected of bribery in return for influencing the boroughs of the borough.

A few months later, the court released her in exchange for a security of 15,000 yards, and when she decided to arrest Stalin at the beginning of summer 2013, she was losing out.

Shortly thereafter, news says that the former Riga City Council officer could hide in Egypt.

For a while, the authorities continued to investigate the search for a Stabi in Latvia, but a year after being retained, it was published in an international search.

According to the information available to Latvia Television, now, five years later, Stabina was arrested in Egypt. His champion confirms this.

"According to my knowledge, the court was yesterday, but in particular, I can not say what they have to decide, because no-one can explain it," said lawyer.

The Office of the Prosecutor General has not yet commented that required Staby release for Latvia, but the lawsuit brought by his lawyer could mean that Egypt had decided to introduce the Ambassador, but she appealed against this decision. If Egypt, however, publishes Stabinu, it will be transferred to Latvia by the State Police, which does not provide wider comments for the time being.

Senior Police Department of Public Relations Department Gita Gzybovska said that Stabiņs had only been retained by the Egyptian authorities, but not in connection with the information available to Police and State publication in the international search. "

This means that Stabina itself has come to the attention of the Egyptian authorities somehow.


Suspected bribes were arrested in September 2012. The custody was kept for two months and, after leaving the prison, he wrote a reprimand. The Office of the Prosecutor's Office accused of receiving bribes and arranging document fictitations. From custody of pre-city officials issued a security deposit – 15 thousand lats.

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