Monday , November 30 2020

FIDEO. "The next day John did not wait more!" Family members in Ozolnieki die on the death of a GP

In Latvia


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In Ozolnieki, since February 2, John is 28 years old speaking his relatives and his neighbors in the past. No-one can understand that the strong son will suddenly be ill in the spirit and body and will not need a sick bed.

On January 15, the man understands the need for a GP, prescribing medicines, but after a few days, his health is getting worse and his relatives are taken to Jelgava City Jānis Hospital. The next day, the man is taken to the resuscitation department.

By scrolling for hours, John's health does not improve, to the contrary, it is a sign of very serious illness – A flu virus with complications – pneumonia of both lungs. Mom Larisa can not look at the camera lens, but it's also occasionally inserting some words that literally break out.

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