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Emma Tompson joins Princess William: "But I should not enjoy you, or not?"


Those who are accustomed to the personality of actress Emma Tompson are very aware that she is a very high footballer.

On arriving at the Buckingham palace after his highest British award, Tompsone was dressed in a dark green emerald green suit, but in her legs she was worn in comfortable white sports shoes, which clearly contrasted with the costumes.

Actress Emma Tompsone was awarded the Order of the British Empire, acknowledged as "one of the most versatile and most famous actors in the UK."

The British Empire Order was given to Prince William to the Buckingham Palace Hall (this time the actor Sara Gordia was awarded). Tompson was excited not only for the show, but also for the fact that she had received the Order to Williams.

"I love Princess William. I know it since it was very small," said Emma Tompson after the ceremony with The Associated Press. "We looked at each other and looked at each other. I said -" I should not kiss you, but not? "He answered -" No, you should not. "

The actor refused to accept the bad and instruct the interviewer, saying he "looks great and so good".

"When you are the first person to be in such cases more formal," said the actor's chief. "He said:" This day is not in my head, you do. ""

Emma Tompson's film career has been for decades for a long time. Her ways have already coincided with the royal family, and they say that the actor of the Princess Charles is also a good friend. In 2013, Tompson, whose name in his pocket never finds, in an interview describes that dancing with the British Throne is "better than sex."

"It was great. I've always loved these boys [prinči Viljams un Harijs], I've been familiar with his father for a long time, "said Tompsone at the ceremony of receiving the British Empire Order." This is a great feeling. "

In June of this year, Tompsone learned that he was nominated to accept the British Empire Order with other British actors and artists, including Tom Hardy and Keira Naitlija. The actor admits that he has shared a sense of historical significance.

"They send a letter asking" Do you receive it? "You can also say that you can say," Thanks to God, we have no empire now because it is terrible, colonial, racist and horrible in all its manifestation, and not to accept and I reward for moral reasons, "in September, Tompsone shared her reflection in the talk show" Late Night with Seth Meyers "." But you can be like me and think – "Hmm, this will be really nice bins." "

During the holidays, Emma Tompsone intends to concentrate public attention on children suffering from hunger and to work in charitable projects that are close to her heart. An actress describes himself as a human rights and human rights defender.

All British family Emperor Tompson has been present at the British Empire ceremony: the actor of the husband, Greg Wes, Jaya's daughter and adopted the Tindy son of Rwanda.

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