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Elina Baltace: My uniforms are allergic to man today – Mode – Egoiste


On 23 May, the theme of the upcoming fashion show focuses on the search for existence and truth, adaptations to body, light conflict and darkness and collapse. Tell us about your collection, what we will see in this view and how it fits in with this year's theme.

During childhood, the circus visit seemed magical – it was another world where you could forget.

I created this conclusion based on this feeling; he says more about the atmosphere where there is no room for the day when the essence of man was illuminated; it is for hyperactive life.

Higher detail and volume, everything center is a man lying behind these clothes. In fact, the story is all about us; there are clothes like shells to hide, like the airbag and comfort zone where we can fulfill our dedicated role.

What is the secret of your collection? Bring a small door – who should focus more on the viewer?

The secret lies in the details – a code is hidden in all of them. They are like allegories for man today.

I'm somewhat ironic about the tendency to look better, more successful and more expensive today.

Which fabrics and colors are dominated by your collection. Why is there such a choice and what is different from other previous collections?

The previous collections were made in colored blocks, choosing colors and relevance according to this principle. This year the collection is very different. The first task was to create your own material, creating something unique.

The source of inspiration for my collection is the traveling circus, where the artists themselves created clothes, using a variety of fabrics of relevance and texture. I'm pulling it and embroidering it.

If you had to tell a blind person about this collection, what words would you choose to describe the common sense?

Shiny Mirrors – Reflect as if you were, but the picture is slightly different.

PHOTO: publicity

Who's your favorite dress collection and why?

Every detail in this collection has been created and considered for me, so naming one love will not work, but the hand-made embroidery and the products I was making the prints myself was the most time.

On May 23, the theme of the upcoming fashion show focuses on searching for existence and truth, adaptations to the body, light and dark crowds and the demolition of boundaries, and it is only natural that a modern art exhibition display “Riga Art Space” has been chosen as a venue for fashion shows. Black interactions are complemented by striking color projections, which will be an expressive background for young artists.


This year, the jury's commission selected 22 of the most promising censors who will present their interpretation of a fashion show theme on May 23 at Space Art Riga: first year Bachelor of Odrija Bush, Anna Jurjne, Sigriya Mintika, Anda Pelse, Laine. Rosenstein and Milan Felicia Semojonova, Student of the second year, Roman Arhipov, 3rd year students Vitaly Kondraschuk, Elina Grinberg, Cindy Klavin and Karline Anete Nagliņš, year 4 students Agate Bosha, Chapel of Rome, Baiba Tamane and Monta Peterson, students first year Master Reinis Krumins and Elina Baltace, as well as 2nd year student Laima Jurča, Una Berzins, Dana Jasinkevich, Sanda Feldberg and Iveta Vecmane.

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