Monday , November 30 2020

“Dinamo” first vītols: I didn’t expect so much rubbish before the game

Eriks Vitols
Eriks Vitols | Photo: Riga “Dinamo”

Continental Hockey League (KHL) club Riga “Dinamo” today with a result of 0: 3 guests stopped Minsk “Dinamo”, suffering the sixth loss in a row.

19-year-old goalkeeper Ēriks Vītols made his first appearance over “Dinamo” in this match. In the first KHL game, 36 shots were taken through his protected goal.

“The feelings in the first game were really great. I’m sorry to lose, but I definitely enjoyed my first KHL game. It continues to stop the first puck and the excitement goes away Thanks coaches for giving me the confidence to prove myself. Hopefully there will be more opportunities, ”the goalkeeper is quoted on the Dinamo website.

“Was it 36 ​​litters? I wasn’t expecting so much before the game. But I felt good – I was ready to play. Team members were always supportive and helpful. Compared to MHL, the first thing that comes to mind – the wisdom of the players on the field. Every mistake goes unnoticed, everything happens at a very high speed. You must not relax for a moment, because then an error will follow. And here the players are very skilled. Moments are created in flash. In most games, passes are accurate and are followed by a very strong throw. But I really enjoyed the contest. ”

The winners of this match were Brennan Menel and Yegor Sharangovich, who scored two accurate shots.

The Riga club won eight rebounds in this match, while the home team had five.

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