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On Monday, November 12, at the "Splendid Palace" cinema, the entertaining presentation of the "The Great Kristaps" National Cinema Award was held, with most awards – four – "The Night of the Father", including Dāvis Simanis as the best feature film director, while the Ināra director recognizes the best feature movie Colman "Bille" feature film.

"Night's Night" awards also featured in the "Best Actors in the second scheme" categories – Ilze Blauberga, "Best Actor" – Andrejs Rudzāts and "Best Artist" – Kristīne Jurjāne.

He won three "Great Kristaps" awards for the "The Continuation" film – Ivars Seleckis won the best documentary director, Valdis Celmins, the best director of the Andra Doršs installation and documentary film operator.

The best actress was Elita Kļaviņa ("Riga. Dublis 1"), Vilis Daudziņš ("With a foam on the lips") was the best actor's award, but Andris Daugaviņš ("Criminal Excellence Fund") was recognized as the best actor in the second plan.

In the "Best Full Length Documentary" category, Kristīne Briede and Audrius Stonis won the "Time Bridges".

In the "Best Short Film" category, Vladislav Leschov won "Electrical Day", Lizete Upite ("Night Walking") was the best animation artist, but Vladimir Leschov ("Electrical Day") was the best animated film director.

The best scriptor was Oskar Rupenheits ("Criminal Excellence Fund"), while Vestards Šimkus ("Breath of Marble") was recognized as the best composer. Jury's special jury for "The Merry Tour" script was given to Kristin Želvei.

The best artist was recognized by Beata Rjabovska ("The tribes of the Baltic, The Last Gentiles of Europe"), Liene Rolstein ("Homo Novus") won the Best Costume Artist.

In the category "Best Student Film", he won the film "The Viesturs Kairišs Out of the Forest" by director Mart Elina Martinson.

Gunta Boyar Cinema was first awarded "Man and Dali", and the category director received Ģirts Bišs ("Zageri", "Night walks").

In return, the well-known film critics and the makers of Abram Kleckin and Miks Savic received the prize for a life contribution to a movie film. The award is awarded for creating a theoretical basis for Latvia documentary cinema and long-term educational work in film art.

The film "Criminal Excellence Funds" was won by the director and producer Oskar Rupenheit of the Dolphin readers' vote.

Kristīne Žeilvei was awarded the prize for the movie "The Mary's Tour", the newspaper Diena, "SestDiena" Magazine and the "Kdi" magazine, as well as the "Fipresci" award , and "Nam Nam" was presented to the movie's most characteristic film director of the film "Homo Novus" by Anna Viduley.

The international jury criticized the films and professionals nominated for the National Film Award. It includes Latvian professionals and Latvia professionals who have created their foreign film career. These include Ph.D. D. Juris Civian (USA), actors Hollywood Rutan Alda (USA) and film director Dr. Elina Reiter (Germany). Latvia was represented by Sonora Brock, creative director of the Riga International Film Festival (Riga IFF), directed by Viesturs Kairis and film producer Linda Krūkle.

In total, 58 films were nominated for the award. The Grand Kristaps Award is organized by the Association of Latvian Cinematographers in conjunction with the National Cultural Center and Ministry of Culture.

The award was established in 1977, but since 2014 it is presented again annually. Last year, "The Melanie Chronicle" was recognized by Viesturs Kairis as the biggest feature film "The Liberation Day" by Uģa Olte and Morten Trovika, Andrei Verhoustinsky, "Lidia", won the best documentary short film, while Edmund wins the film best animated. Jonas "Bize a Negila".

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