Monday , June 27 2022

Bridges / Unique Capital Transport Day


Last Friday, Oleg Burov (GKR), the interim chairman of Riga City Council, announced that he had immediately closed the 11th tram line across Brasas Bridge.

There are two types of public transport – no bus No 11, bus 9. However, traffic is only closed on the tram route, as buses are no more than a weight limit of 30 tonnes. That's it For the day Baiba Gailite, a spokesman for Burow, says. In his announcement of a decision to close the 11th tram, Burow said it would be worth considering whether the old model could be placed on the path because the new trams weigh over 30 tonnes. Anyway Riga Traffic spokesman Baiba Bartasevich For the day notes that the old model trams are well above the specified limit – the total composition of such trams is 66 tonnes. However, the Retro tram movement, which runs on summer 11 at weekends and holidays, is also being stopped.

As Gailīte explains, building project writers Brasa transfer company – the company Tilt project – Last week, the borough was informed that there was a need to restrict traffic over the bridge, but detailed calculations had not yet been completed. Therefore it was decided to close tram 11 to prevent security risks. At the same time Riga Traffic he was instructed to provide additional cruises on the bus route 9 according to the flow of passengers.

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