Friday , June 24 2022

Briclon Bricis national team coach on Covid-19: Nothing serious, a day and a half fever


Brick Ilmārs
Brick Ilmārs

Neither Latvian national biathlete Baiba Bendika nor head coach Ilmārs Bricis, who fell ill with Covid-19, feels any obvious symptoms of the virus and plans to perform repeated tests in four days to go Finland, where the first two stages of this season will take place.

On Sunday, Lithuanian portal “” reported that Toms Kauken, the country’s leading biathlete, was infected with Covid-19. Kaukēns trained with Baiba Bendika, Latvia’s leading biathlete.

The portal reported that Bendika and trainer Ilmārs Bricis had been diagnosed with the virus, but on Monday, Bendika confirmed this information to the portal “”.

In a conversation with LETA, Bricis explained that the course of the disease was easy for Latvian delegates, and that if there was an opportunity to enter the competition, Bendika would most likely use it as well. Now it is hoped that the season will start next week. The second stage of the World Cup is due on December 3, but a step will have to be missed this week.

“Neither I nor Baiba had anything serious,” the experienced Bricks revealed, noting that no other Latvian representative was infected with the virus. “They both had a fever at the beginning of the last week and a half. You can feel that the current readiness is not 100% for everyone, but it’s not remarkable.”

“On November 27, we will perform tests repeatedly, but one of the strictest requirements is observed by the organizers of this competition. In order to compete, Baiba must be able to pass a negative Covid-19 test.”

Bricis discovered that Kaukēns lived in Sweden apart from Latvians, so the disease was most likely transmitted during training.

The start of the World Cup season is scheduled for this weekend in the Finnish city of Kontiolahti. Competitions in individual distances are planned for Saturday, but a day later there will be a sprint.

The second phase of the World Cup is expected to take place in Kontiolahti.

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