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Brazilian doctors facts and figures – Mercedes extends its domination


Luis Hamilton became the Grand Prix winner in Brazil last week, mainly thanks to the conflict between Maks Verstapin and Esteban Okon. In particular, in 2001, Joss's expensive father, in Interlagos, had dragged behind the circle, eliminating the race leader Huang Pablo Montoya.

Hamilton himself runners up in F1's story behind Michael Schumacher, who spent at least 20,000 kms in the race during his career. To capture German, Hamilton needs a further 4110 km, almost twice as much as he did this year. Meanwhile, the Mercedes Hamilton team reached a threshold of 5,000 caps. So far, only four of the richest teams in the experience have been successful – Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Lotus. After the Grand Prix, Mercedes has only 19 places.

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This is the 10th term by Luis Hamilton. The British driver has already traveled for four seasons, where the number of successes earned is bi-digit. Of the rest of the knights, Michael Schumacher and Sebastien Fetel will only be fed (twice). However, it should be noted that there are fewer steps earlier and gaining 50% of races at all. In this regard, the record driver is Alberto Askari, a former Ferrari driver, who won 6 of 8 races in 1952 (75%).

The Mercedes team gave an excellent groundwork in the qualification when Lewis Hamilton won the silver & # 39; in the 100th pole site (accounting for 8 pole posts that won Moss and Fanhio in the 1950s).

In the tournament, the Mercedes team won the fifth designer title in a row. This is the second longest championship history. The Ferrari team won six consecutive times between 1999 and 2004 in Schumacher's age.

Formula cup winners of Formula 1

V. The team Tituli Three-month years
1 Ferrari 16 1961 1964 1975 1976
1977 1979 1982 1983
1999 2000 2001 2002
2003 2004 2007
2 Williams 9 1980 1981 1986 1987 1992
1993 1994 1996 1997
3 McLaren 8 1974 1984 1985 1988
1989 1990 1991 1998
4 Lotus 7 1963 1965 1968
1972 1973 1978
5 Mercedes 5 2014 2016 2017 2018
6 Red Bull 4 2010 2011 2012 2013
7 Cooper 2 1959 1960
7 Brabham 2 1966 1967
7 Renault 2 2005 2006
10 Vanwall 1 1958
10 BRM 1 1962
10 Matra 1 1969
10 Tyrrell 1 1971
10 Benetton 1 1995
10 General Practitioner 1 2009

The Mercedes team got the first place in the fastest plots. Valter Botass has arrived for the tenth time, and 7 fastest pitches have been achieved this season. This means that, during the year, a Finnish athlete has won more rapid centers than former champions Mike Hotworth, Phil Hill, Emerson Fitipaldi, Jozef Farin, Dodgy Sackter, Joens Rint and Keke Rosberg during their whole career.

The fastest Brazilian Grand Prix Circles

Kimi Raikonen first traveled to the 150th of Ferrari. Only long-term cooperation with one team has doubled so far – David Kultard has spent 150 steps in the McLaren ranges, while Michael Schumacher has won 180 Grand Prix at Ferrari. Raikonen celebrated 3rd place. The Ferrari team has now won 750 honors festivals in his long history seven decades in the F1 Championship. In addition, the third step of the Honorable Raikonens Pedestal is much better than the other – Iceman & Finland have finished 45 times in this situation. The nearest follower with fins is just & # 39; 29 is Sebastian Fetels, his teammate 3rd.

Luis Hamilton and Sebastian Fetel provided the first first line for the race. The two named knights have been standing on the front row for 34 times – just like Airton Senna and Alens Prosts.

During the race, Ferrari's engineering changed the Sebastian Fetel tires in 1.97 seconds. The fastest boxing visit came this season and the only thing was done in less than 2 seconds.

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The Sauber team made a tremendous qualification. After Daniel Rickard's sach, Markus Erickson could start the sixth place race, which is not only the Erickson career record, but also the best starting point for Swedish cyclists since the fifth Stefan Johnson site in Detroit in 1986. He started second runner Sauber, Charles Leckerk, the seventh (Retirement Career Record). For the last time, both Sauber drivers from Top 7 in 2012 began in Japan (Kamui Kobajaši 3rd and 5th Place Serhio Peress).

Schedule: Pirelli
Schedule: Pirelli

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