Thursday , January 28 2021

BMW Group is transferring new BMW X5 and BMW 3 cars to Sixt

On March 29, BMW Inchcape Motors grouped a group of vehicle rental companies, Sixt, new and powerful BMW vehicles, complementing the Sixt rental car range with brand new BMW 3 Series models and the new BMW X5 wheel drive.

“This is a special collaboration with the“ Sixt ”car rental company, because for the first time in the Baltics, new BMW 3 cars are being offered to rent, which is officially available in the market. Latvia from March this year and only in 2018 were introduced X5 models in Latvia. in November, "Kristine Nesaule, Head of BMW Group Inchcape Motors.

The partnership between Sixt and BMW is known worldwide. The collaboration began several decades ago in Bavaria, Germany, which is also home to both companies. Now it has developed all over the world, including Latvia. The two companies have been united by innovative developments that drive the world, a service that impresses the most demanding customers, and even excellence in the detail. best, ”says Arnis Jaudzems, CEO of Sixt in the Baltic States.

Sixt Latvia began its operations in 2010 and is the leading provider of mobility services in Europe and Latvia, offering a wide range of BMW cars. This is the first car rental company in the Baltics to offer its customers a BMW 3 Series rental and X5 models.

Inchcape BMW Motors Latvia, in collaboration with the Sixt car rental company, offers a special discount program to service customers – consistently low fixed price and free distribution to the customer's location. desired time.

Most recently Sixt presented a brand new mobile application that allows you to rent a car, share it and use the driver's service in over 250 cities around the world. In Riga, BMW drivers can be rented and ordered further by driver, but sharing services will soon be available for even more mobility.

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