Thursday , May 26 2022

Bertan and Peiner at the Euroleague Match – Basketball – Sports


Milan basketball players score with 98:92 (26:19, 28:30, 14:20, 30:23) score, won by Peiner, represented by the "Darishcafa Tekfen" in Istanbul.

Bertan spent 19 minutes and 17 seconds in the squad, and four of the four distance distances were played, and the last one was thrown just two minutes before the end of the main run, when he reached 91: 87 In turn, his two-point goal did not reach his goal.

He also won one ball, interfered with one ball, made one mistake, three times breaking the rules and was at seven points of efficiency coefficient.

Meanwhile, Peiner throws one of three points of three points for 19 minutes and 54 seconds, throws her only distance and five of seven penalties.

He also had two different performance, two mistakes, three comments, triggered five breaches and eight points of coefficient effectiveness.

Mike James was 21 points winner, but Vladimir Micov scored 20 points.

Meanwhile, Michael Eric saw the home for 15 points.

On the other hand, after a three-week break, Jānis Strelnieks returned, but Olympiacos Pireja, represented by Janis Timmas, fought 72:73 (18:21, 21:18, 14:11, 19:23) fought against Turkey Turkey İstanbul "Fenerbahce".

The Sagittarius played for 16 minutes and 52 seconds in a return game, which made one of three points of three points and losing three distances.

He also won one ball, which made one result, made one mistake, and the efficiency ratio was negative -2.

Timma lost, in turn, losing one-point two and three long distance distances in seven minutes and 29 seconds, with -4 efficient.

The Latvia team was the most successful score with 18 points in Costa Papanikol. Meanwhile, the opponents dropped 20 points in South Slup, but there were 16 points for Nikolai Kalinich.

Also, on Thursday, the Spanish team of Vitoria "Kirolbet Baskonia" came to losses, and Artur Kurucu came talented to the tournament. The Vitoria team scored at 84:99 (18:26, 19:22, 23:27, 24:24) with the Podgoricas Montenegrin club "Budučnost VOLI".

He scored 16 points by Tornike Shengelia, but Marcelin Huertas was 13 points and eight goals.

Edwin Jackson scored 24 points, 20 points for Clark's udrlams, while Danilo Nikolić scored 18 points.

Sixteen games were won by Moscow CSKA and Real, while Milan AX Armani Exchange Olympia, with five successes in seven battles, was fourth, while Rosson Schmitt Barcelona and Lassa had six wins in six sixth fighting. The Olympiacos team has won three wins in seven games, which makes it tenth place.

In turn, Gran Canaria Herbalife and Dariuschafack Tekfen, represented by Angela Pacechnik, won one winner in six and seven dancing, taking places 14th and 16th with 16 units in a competition.

ULEB Eiroliga this season, as in the previous seasons, plays 16 teams, which will lead two rounds of tournaments, with the top eight in eliminating games.

In the previous season, ULEB Euroleague champions became a Real Madrid of Spain, who won the Fenerbahce Doguš football team in the 85:80 final, while the Lithuanian basketball guy, Kaunas "Žalgiris" won.

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