Thursday , August 18 2022

All Covid-19 tests / Days are negative in the RFS team


It has already been reported that the LFF on Monday plans to test all ten Super League teams in order to get a full picture of the possibilities to finish the Latvian football championship in safe conditions for players.

The RFS unit, which had previously reported three cases, said Tuesday that “all tests are negative, including those players who have been previously diagnosed with Covid-19.”

It was already reported last week that a large-scale outbreak of Covid-19 was discovered at the “Riga” football club, where 29 people were infected with Covid-19.

At the end of the week, information was provided that one of the “Jelgava” football club players was also infected with Covid-19, but another 18 team players and two coaches had contact person status. Following the decision of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the team went into quarantine until December 2.

It had already been reported, at the Latvian Football Premier League meeting on November 13, that a majority had made a decision to support the proposal not to continue the Latvian Optibet Football Super League season due to the difficult situation of Covid-19. This decision was also supported by members of the footballers’ union, but on November 16, the LFF did not accept the offer.

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