Friday , December 4 2020

All 10 unique "VW ID.3" electric cars were kept in Latvia during one day

The ten electric cars "Volkswagen ID.3 1ST Special" available to order in early Latvia were only ordered during the day after the offer was published, t "Delfi" was steered by a VW dealer "Importer Moller Baltic" in the Baltics.

VW first started in Europe and the Baltics for the first time booked for the first model of the new, fully electric "ID". family. To book an electric car early, participants had to pay a 1000 euro deposit. Customers have the option of canceling their early booking free of charge at any time, and are fully reimbursed. If an early booking is canceled, the car will be available to order again.

In Latvia, there will be pre-sale cars for customers who order our early start immediately after the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

VW has put a medium battery to "ID.3 1ST" which will be available later for the entire "ID.3" series and is expected to be the most popular option for this battery. However, the standard model will be available with three battery versions – small, medium and large. With a small battery (45 kWh net) you can drive up to 330 km (WLTP measurement), but with a large battery (77 kWh net) the distance will be up to 550 km (WLTP measure). The distance from the early booking model will be up to 420 km (WLTP measurement).

Production of "ID.3 1ST", as planned, will start at the end of 2019, while the first cars will be distributed to customers by mid 2020.

In Germany "ID.3" the price of an electric car will be less than € 30,000, while the most expensive adjustment will cost almost € 40,000.

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