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Alda Gobzema and Māra Sleja’s “rubbing” dinner show expands Show


This week, the TV3 cookery show “Almost an Ideal Lunch” brought together a particularly colorful company – Saeima’s deputy, Aldis Gobzems, singer Ieva Sutugova, businessman and co-owner of the “Hercogs” restaurant Andris Rūmītis and model personality and Māra Sleja TV visiting each other.

On the second night of the dinner show, the cooking and hospitality skills were demonstrated by the world-famous model Māra Sleja, who had decided not to welcome guests to her home.

“I don’t let strangers in here because I’m” dressed “by strangers. Now I feel safe with you, but if Aldis and the others were here, I wouldn’t be able to,” explains Māra .

After becoming familiar with the simple lunch menu, where many dishes were not listed at all, Ieva was the only one who said it “looked delicious”. Andris, who has the largest culinary experience at the company this week, said this dinner definitely won’t be perfect.

Aldis cherished the wildest hopes for Mara’s dishes. He did not hide the fact that, in his opinion, the composition of the snack “does not look very tasty”, and in the rush of events, he has already announced that the second night will be assessed with the lowest mark: ” I think it could all be five. “

Video: Aldis doesn’t have high hopes for lunch with Mara

Mara admitted that he did not take part in the show to evaluate them, but to enjoy the process. “I don’t care how much they call me,” the model admitted.

However, the enjoyment of the process – the glass jar where Māra had already prepared the cottage cheese – soon waned, and Māra announced that she no longer wanted to go anywhere and offered to cancel the measure. “It’s never been like a jar breaking at home,” he explained.

Dinners were the first to arrive at the agreed time and place. Andris admitted that with blockers, he is never on the road. Aldis also pointed out that it is not polite to delay. On the other hand, according to Ieva, there is a slight barrier to the case.

At last, the night’s culprit was present, and a walk through the forest might, which Aldis called a “town night walk.”

Already on the first night of the show, disagreements arose between Alda and Mara, and also during the second meeting, the two continued “grating”, discussing the order of things and “pseudo-problems”. “For example, he fights racism,” one of them said. “Don’t fight racism – fight for humanity,” the model objected.

“I’m immediately drawn to the fact that I had something in the ‘pile’ from the start. But we go through the woods, we don’t talk about politics,” admitted Māra .

During the hike, Mara took her new friends to the place where her son’s second birthday was celebrated and decided to sit further away from her opponent Alda tonight. Without undue delay, a snack was served – desserts with vegetables and cream sauce.

Taking turns for the night, Aldis, who described Māris as “a very typical representative of hipsters in the heart of Riga”, wondered how he had chosen to serve his main course in plastic containers. Well, Mara’s mayor was full. “You know what I hate about you? Your category, ”he admitted to the popular politician. “I don’t like the Alda category. It seems to me that a category doesn’t allow development. It clings to stereotypes,” he said.

Aldis said he tended to be ironic and Mara just teased, and he responded by teasing the deputy showing her attitude.

Andris was surprised by something else – how rude Mara tends to be: “Every tenth word of her is what she is.” In turn, Ieva decided that the real sweet food was actually a lively discussion, which unfolds for the second night in a row. “Extremely nice. Those people are so wonderful, ”the singer was happy about the exciting atmosphere.

After a moment, Māra flashed no joke and turned to Alda: “Stop teasing me and see the beautiful in me! I’m not dangerous to you, you don’t have to look for my bad places, you’re safe, I won’t hurt you. “

“In principle, Māra is not interested in dialogue. She wants to speak for herself, and then you have to let her do it,” Aldis admitted.

Finally, the main course was served – boiled potatoes with cottage cheese and pickled herring.

After enjoying lunch in the fresh air, Māra also prepared entertainment for her guests – with her twigs found in the forest, everyone in a herd walked along the seafront, but eventually they did enjoy a dessert with warm tea – creamy Portuguese cakes from the cafe.

Ieva and Andris rated Māra’s food and presentation with eight points, but Aldis, who had initially indicated that Māra night was only five points, ranked it the highest of all, awarding nine points.

“Mara’s offer exceeded expectations. You must learn to enjoy what he is given. To find what is pleasing and pleasing in every detail,” the politician explained.

Mara earned 25 points for her night.

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