Monday , May 23 2022

Aija Andejeva shares previously unknown facts about her and her father’s relationship – Celebrities – – Entertainment


It turns out she was a kid tricked around and the Latvian legend of rock music – Alex’s Dad – had to try to control the stubble more than once.

“He was such a strong father. Everyone was scared and respected,” Aija remembers and openly says that her father was reluctant to send her daughter to parties. However, if the offspring were allowed to go at the school disco for a few hours, they had to wear the clothes their father had chosen.

But as she grew up, her father-daughter relationship became very friendly, even comical.

“It just came to our attention then. I want to thank Dad for teaching us self-confidence. He learned to be smart and not go after everything. And when I said, as a little girl, I wanted to sing, he said that I have to listen to Janice Joplin, and if I can sing at least one song like her, we can start singing, ”Aija shares her heartfelt memories of her childhood and father.

Find out in the video how Aija Andrejeva talks about her father crawling through the window and what her parents said about it!

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