Friday , December 4 2020

Absolutely awkward: Women show for girls taking part in a fashion show and turning on their tongues – Cinema and TV – – Entertainment t

Although the girls were excited during the lesson, and the book on the head held almost always during the shortcoming, the girls at the end of the series were greeted by tears. Participants of the show were challenged as real models to take part in fashion shows and demonstrations, but if not everyone had considered one of the most important teachings provided by Beate – no matter what the tongue was, we wouldn't be able to do so. The face should express no emotion.

So, the fashion show was a real failure, because when the show's creators were surprised – the barrier of flowers and vases (which could not be overcome without knocking out any of the attributes), the girls couldn't hide their confusion. To cope with uncomfortable situations, the girls used all their imagination. Some stopped on the right hand side of the obstacle course, some went up their head, not overwhelmed by things, but some were also trying to pick up the things they had done with great care, creating even more chaos. However, we learn from the mistakes and admit the fashion show participants – it has given valuable insights and made it possible to look at their daily routines from a completely different perspective.

"This test showed me one thing extremely light – we care about the environment and everyone else, but forget about myself and what I have to do t I 'm going up the flowers, although I have to go with the stone face, "Ieva, the participant of the" perfect perfection "remembers her fashionable. View more videos!

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