Tuesday , May 17 2022

5G “Tele2” base station – Branches – Financenet has started operating in the heart of Riga


He therefore drew attention to the fact that the “Tele2” 5G network is currently available in seven Latvian cities – Riga, Jelgava, Daugavpils, Jurmala, Valmiera, Sigulda and Salacgriva.

5G “Tele2” base station in Sigulda is located near Vildoga road, in Salacgriva Vidzemes street, in Jurmala it is located in Emīlijas street, but in Valmiera – Raina street. In turn, in Daugavpils a 5G station is located near the Šķirotava railway station, in Jelgava – near the Dobele highway, but in Riga – in the territory of the Mūkusala Business Center and now also at the intersection of Brīvības and Ģertrūdes streets.

Teleī technical director Līga Krūmi cyfarwyddwra said the company is continuing to expand its 5G network so that the first customers with 5G smartphones can try 5G benefits in some places. “At the moment, of course, these opportunities are not very broad, so we will continue to develop 5G next year,” he said.

Krūmiņa highlighted that, in many parts of the world, in order to increase coverage faster and thus promote the development of various 5G business solutions, state operators and organizations are successfully cooperating. “We hope that mobile operators will also get cooperation in the use and development of 5G technologies in Latvia,” he added.

The company also advised that alongside the use of 5G technology, the 4G network is being expanded and capacity strengthened, as this technology will be able to meet daily technology needs for a long time to come. “So far this year, Tele2 has built 30 new 4G base stations in different parts of Latvia, as well as increasing capacity to nearly 200 stations to meet the demand for mobile communications,” Tele2 representatives said.

Tele2 has already reported a turnover of 136.669 million euros last year, which is 4% more than a year earlier, but the company’s profit increased 2% to 31.519 million euros.

The company was registered in November 1995 and has a share capital of 3.486 million euros. Tele2’s sole owner is Telever Sverige Aktiebolag from Sweden.

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