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USFK, General Paik Seon-yeop surprise birthday party


Paik Sunhee. [뉴시스]

Paik Sunhee. [뉴시스]

US troops in Korea announced a surprise birthday party to the Baek Sun-yup (photo) presiding officer at the National Defense Convention Center on the 21st, said sources. One source said, "I was quietly asked if the Paek Sun-yup family could help me get a birthday party," said the 8th Army. It is the courteous dimension of the back leader.

Baek, born in 1920, is 98 years old on 27th. He is also the head of the Eighth US Army in 2013. This is the first time that the US Army appointed the nation's host as honorary managers. There is also a pavilion hall named after it in the 8th US Army HQ, Camp Pyeongtaek, Humphreys, in the Congregation Province. Another source said, "Baekun-gun does not know about his birthday party at all. He will be an American surprise party."

According to the sources, the list of candidates for the White House anniversary party, provided by the USFK in advance, included 5-6 War Ambassadors 6/25, including the US Ambassador to Korea, Harry Harris. Robert Abrams, head of the Consolidated Police Order ROK-US, and Commander of the 8th United States Army. The Minister of Defense, Chung Kyung-doo and Chairman of Park Hwan-ki attended the Joint Staff Headteachers of the meeting. He said the source, "It's been reported that over 200 VIPs will be present." However, some US officials have recognized that inevitable attendance can be difficult if a sudden timetable takes place on that day.

Baek was a general Korean army named US soldier as a reliable partner in the June 25 war. When Korea's USFK head in Korea is set up in Korea, he usually finds general hundreds and makes a "report transfer ".

Correspondent Lee Chul Jae, [email protected]

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