Thursday , January 20 2022

Updating Epig Games & Engine Unreal 4.21 & # 39;


The Epig Games have released the Unreal Engine 4.21 update.

[아이티데일리] Epig Korea Games today announced that it has updated version 4.21 with new features added to Unreal Engine 4.

This 4.21 update improves optimizations for mobile platforms. In addition, there are new features for improving multi-player support, improving the development facility in Virtual Reality (VR), a reality that adds (AR), mixed reality (MR) and a new function for general industrial users.

To help make the most of launching the mobile platform, Engine Unreal 4.21 includes Vulkan engineering and optimization work in conjunction with Samsung. This is 100% compatible with the OpenGL ES 3.1 feature, and when using Vulcan in a project, the operating speed of up to 20% is faster than OpenGL ES.

The ease of the development for multi-player support has also improved. The complementary feature of a new reproduction graph reduces the CPU cost of recalculating network data for the production of a large-scale multi-player game. In addition, the ability to detect and mitigate DDoS (Dissolution) attacks has been added through Spoof UDP packages.

The support and platform facility for the new visual effects editor of Niagara & # 39; Having added to the 4.20 version has also been improved. Update 4.21 also supports the effects of Niagara on Nintendo switches. Additional features and improvements have been added to provide industry-leading effects equipment such as specific GPU sample sampling support, skeletal mesh data interface improvements, ribbon particle performance improvements, and GPU simulation support.

Better VR platform support and VR / AR development facility have also improved. Help has added to the new platform so developers can develop the Windows MR platform immediately without going through Steam VR. In addition, Robin Occlusion Row is added, which allows alternative oxygen inquiries to be performed on one eye per frame, reducing the number of oxidative calls per frame and performance improvement.

Updates have been made to Unreal Studio and features for industry users as well as games. The newly added pixel streaming feature allows the Engine Unreal app package to run on desktop computers in the cloud and watch products directly from the latest web browsers on each platform, including mobile devices.

DataSmith, which supports 3ds Max and more than 20 CAD sources and sketches in Unreal Studio, now supports additional formats such as Revit, DWG, Alias ​​Wire, VRED, and DELTAGEN, Import and use.

"The Epic Games have consistently provided the efficiency, performance and stability of each project without excellence of the type of stage, and as part of that effort, we have achieved the results of this update from Unreal Engine 4.21, "said Park Sung-chul, president of the Epic Games of Korea. He said.

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