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UK launches COVID-19 vaccine on the 8th … “The queen and couple are also vaccinated within weeks”


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Elizabeth II Queen of England
Elizabeth II Queen of England


(Paris = Yonhap News) Correspondent Hye-ran Hyun = British Queen Elizabeth II (94) and her husband Philip Gong (99) will be vaccinated against a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) within a few weeks, by British daily mail.

She said the email on the 6th (local time), citing a high source, said the Queen couple, like everyone else, will wait for the vaccination turn to come.

The UK is the first in the world to approve the urgent use of the Corona 19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and Bioentech, and vaccination will begin on the 8th of this month.

In accordance with the guidelines established by the government, the Corona 19 vaccine is given first to the elderly and employees living in nursing facilities, followed by the over-80s and health and medical workers.

The royal family is considering a plan to reveal the facts of the Queen’s vaccination while drawing a line as a “personal decision” and a “private problem” on this issue, The Sunday Times Daily Edition told The Sunday Times.

It is a measure in line with the expectation that it will be able to mitigate the move to refuse vaccination in and outside the UK, fearing side effects.

Queen Elizabeth II said that when a new polio vaccine was released in 1957, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, who were then eight and six, vaccinated the public’s concerns.

The UK government has ordered 40 million doses of the Corona 19 vaccine so far, and 800,000 doses will be first supplied from next week.

Because the Corona 19 vaccine needs to be vaccinated twice every 21 days, 20 million people can be vaccinated with the amount secured by the UK government.

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