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UFC Chan Chan-Kung & Kick Master & # 39; What is the Rodriguez strategy?


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Local fans are keen on the leopard Jay Rodríguez (26, Mexico), who plays in the UFC lead weight region.

This is because of the Korean Zombie & # 39; Jeong Chung-sung (31, Korea Zombie MMA) at UFC Fight Night 139 & # 39; who started at the Denver Pepsi Center in Colorado, USA on November 11.

Jeong Chan-sung had arranged to coincide with Frank Edgar, but his opponent changed due to an unexpected injury. Jeong Chan is not desirable situation. Although it comes down from a peak, Edgar's name is still high.

There are many results to win in a win. Given that he was an Asian fighter with an unusual reputation in UFC, he was also looking for a title game. Rodriguez, on the other hand, is not a world class player, so even if Jeong Chan-won wins, it's hard to get a big chance at once.

Anyway, Jang Chan-sung, who burns his face in front of the octogether return period for a long time, has no choice but to play the game unconditionally. Once you have defeated Rodriguez, you have to show you and look higher.

Rodriguez, winner of 1 American TUF America's leadweight championship, is a fighter who has learned Taekwondo for many years. He takes pride in a variety of repertoire including kicking a side, kick-kick, kicking, kicking X, kicking, and rolling thunder, as well as a basic chic, such as low, middle and high kick. If you look at the skills and variety of the sweetener, it is thought that this is the highest level in the UFC pressure class.

This part is that supporters who look after them are worried about them. Edgar is a style that separates a kidney (167cm) with an incredible number of activity. There is a small monster that can hurt the opponent by feeding and breaking, regardless of the third round or fifth round.

On the other hand, Jeong Chung-sung is able to destroy his opponent by creating his own street based on a good height (175.26cm) in the featherweight class. Jeong Chung Sung, who has been waiting for a game with Edgar for a long time, has made a variety of strategies to win his own advantage.

Roger Rodriguez is a completely different kind of fertile Edgar. It's fast and full of energy, but Edgar and Kidney (180.34cm) have a great difference. The competition is faster and more, better the strategy Ed has prepared for the home machine, the more you need to install.

This is the reason why George Loop (37, USA), who was once a disastrous battle against Jeong Chung-sung, was mentioned among domestic supporters. It is not a proven tracking like Edgar, but it's a large, fast and diverse hockey engine that can create variables at any time. He is also a young player with better skills. When you lose, the damage is bigger.

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It's hard to predict how Rodriguez will kick.

He's a good grasp as a boxing job. He is moving forward and back and moving his opponent down. Normal fighters like kicking spinning, kicking side, kicking spinning, etc.

I jumped to each other to hit the high-kick, kick back at an unexpected time and kick. If you turn your body facing your back, kick up, put your opponent's hips on and play a beautiful gig in the air, you feel that you shoot a fighter movie .

Rodriguez, who has a lot of unfamiliar technology, mixes many fake steps. If you're kicking with the other foot, you will be confused by your unique rotation.

After creating the streets as if they were entering the distance, they not only kick or punch, but also a combination of backspin blows, low kicking, and kicking. When fighting on the streets, he enjoys the way of attacking his opponent in line with a rythm attack, but it is also aggressive that he strives bravely on the momentum.

Rodriguez does not stop a simple kick kick. It does not neglect a varied sporting exercise such as boxing, calf, and Jiujitsu. Depending on the situation, rigorous timing was going to tackle it, the lift technique succeeded in getting down to the ground by capturing and creating.

When a bag is caught, the body turns over and looks for the lower body. Even before the UEFA Championship, they have caught up with the heavy stomach and Amba. In the clinic fighting process, high kicking, penelin attacks, etc. are also threatening.

Of course, Rodriguez has many weaknesses. There are many times when you're kicking with big actions. If the kick fails, you must reveal the space. If you can not save the distance, you will not be able to kick correctly and you will have difficulty running the game. Although it is said that it is equipped with all other stats other than being impressive, it is limited by a striking nature.

If Jeon Chan-sung, who has the ability to finish on both sides of the stalls and lands, does not give it up at the start, Rodriguez has the chance to catch Rodriguez; The time passed is also increasing. It's worth noting whether Jang Chan-sung will show his presence as the strongest Asian fighter in the UFC lead weight class.[데일리안 스포츠 = 김종수 기자]

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