Monday , January 17 2022

There are 2 NK strikes associated with success … Interview a student several times


(Source = Start News)

(Source = Start News)

Part of a message was shared by a female secondary school teacher in Nonsan, South Chungcheong Province, with boys.

On the 12th, Start News, a message between a 30-year-old female teacher and A student, who has recently had sexual relations with two junior students.

In the letter, the teacher left remarkable comments such as "going to the pharmacy and buying a pregnancy test", "if you're pregnant", "I want someone to be pregnant", "Let's get married"

Also, the teacher said to A, "Okay. I want to see you. I love it," she says, expressing love.

Messages were swapped even after the case was disclosed. The teacher said, "Are you looking good at school? And there's a term. I want to live," and a group said that she was nervous about the current situation, such as "He was my mother knew when I was drinking my mobile phone. "

On November 11, a female teacher claimed that her wife was committed to last year's relationship, including several sexual intercourse with a student A, junior high school. In addition, there was a doubt that Mr B, who had noticed the relationship between the two men, had sex with a female teacher.

The event became known and many were shocked. Cheong Wa Dae's bill on the National People's Petition website has also posted a title, I'm urging Nonsan female students to conduct a thorough investigation into the violence of an underage boy.

The female teacher was advised to resign in April and divorce her husband in August.

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