Tuesday , August 9 2022

The Hyundai L & C's Glia & # 39; earn certification 'GRS & # 39; in a global eco-certification agency


Kitchen furniture was fitted with a glossia film. (Photo = Hyundai L & C)
[이데일리 권오석 기자] Self-developed furniture film Hyundai L & C Glossia; 'GRS Certification & # 39; by Control Union, a global eco-certification body. Eco Union is a global eco-certification organization with its headquarters in the Netherlands and provides global certification and certification services for agriculture, textiles, biofuels, forests, fisheries, cosmetics and so on. through its 120 offices in 70 countries.

The "GRS certification" received by Hyundai L&C is an endorsement given to products that can track fiber content has been regenerated at every stage of production of raw materials from fibers that have been recycled (having & nbsp; recycled) are environmentally friendly to finished products. To do this, the product must contain at least 20% recycled material.

In the case of glossia, the proportion of PET material (polyethylene terephthalate) is 90%, and the proportion of other materials such as pigment and UV coating is 10%. About 77.8% of all PET materials are used as PET materials recycled. Generally, PET is used as a bottled water container or drink beverages and it is called a chic material than PVC (polyvinyl chloride); widely used in home film. Hyundai L&C technology ensured to recycle PET materials including impurities by cooperating with Daewoo Polymer, a partner company, for a year.

Hyundai L & C plans to further strengthen its competitiveness in the global furniture film market by procuring the GRS certification. Glucia can be expected to increase the recycling rate of domestic PET bottles, and all recycled PET materials used in polish are only used as waste PET bottles in Korea. An officer of the company said, "Introducing Glia to every kitchen and general furniture from 84 square flats (32 pyung), it will recycle around 1,300 waste PET bottles (500ml standard). about 97 million waste PET bottles. "

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